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[Request] AMIBCP

i'd need AMIBCP v4.53... whatever to edit an Aptio IV aka MSI Click Bios 4 at a MSI 990fxa-gaming mobo,
bc CPU-Ratio and Voltage dont show up.
I've had already modified this bios but then I lost the data.

I've searched through all the internet in the last 2 hours but all links were dead... I do understand why.

If anyone has the complete set of AMI's tools i'd take them.

thx in advance
well I've found it now...

but now I do have another question:
if I just change 1 entry, such as the visibility of an entry in OC-options, it will change a lot of code/data as I view it with an hex editor.

can someone tell me why this is, because I'd think it's just a flag which has to be set for TRUE/FALSE but it's much more

glad to hear from anybody
Quote:it will change a lot of code/data as I view it with an hex editor.
i view new change in data, not in normal x86 code space,so this changed bit(flag) inside packed data/code, as it was in module 1B in AMI8 type bioses ?
I have no idea about any structure, I just was curious.

-> I'll take a look at Intels TianoCore docs

Edit: guess it's also because of the compression

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