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[Request] ASUS P5G-MX AHCI unlock
Hi all!!

I have a motherdoard ASUS P5G-MX and SSD Kingston A400. I would like to ask if you could unlock AHCI in this BIOS?

Chipset Intel 945GC/ICH7 (maybe ICH7R)

Original last ROM is attached.

Attached Files
.rom   P5G-MX-ASUS-0404.ROM (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 1)
The AMIBCP displays the item "Configure SATA As" RAID/AHCI, but it is not in the running BIOS on PC...  Undecided
Do you mean, the "Configure SATA As" setting shown in AMIBCP, is not visible to you in the actual BIOS?

That setting's help string says "When in AHCI/RAID mode, SATA Controller is forced to Native Mode"
This is in the "IDE" menu, so I don't think it's an AHCI/RAID Option like it sounds.
I can make it visible for you if it's not currently, but since this is in IDE section of BIOS I don't think this is AHCI enable type setting.

I'm pretty sure this board does not support AHCI or RAID, due to being cheapest ICH7 variant 82801GB, only enhanced or compatible IDE modes (Same for P5GC-MX too)

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