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[Request] Alienware 17 R2 bios unlock

.rar   17R2.rar (Size: 2.83 MB / Downloads: 20) Bios images.
Thanks man!
Very welcome.
OK, before can start unlocking, I need to see if this method unlocks settings generally and if so which user access level allows the change (This why I asked your user access level). Please test both these BIOS, unless first one has new setting, if it does then no need to test the other BIOS. If neither show a change, then we know other method is required, at least for some settings initially.

Try both, you're looking for new setting in the security section at the bottom >> Secure Boot Mode
Test in this order >> SecureBootTestU.bin then SecureBootTestS.bin

Flash via FPTw.exe -bios -f nameofbios.bin
Ok with the u bios i van see secure boot mode but everything else is the same.
So, to confirm, with BIOS SecureBootTestU.bin you see the new setting I mentioned correct? If yes, thank you.
And yes, only a single setting was changed for this test, so I could see what your access level is set to, and this lets me know it's set to "User" not "Supervisor/Admin"

Now, new single change test, this is only a test for enabling an entire hidden BIOS menu section, goal is hidden Chipset, but may be within a new "Setup" Please test in order, and stop once you see a new "Chipset" or "Setup" section (what's contained within does not matter, may be a lot more new stuff, could be blank etc, doesn't matter to this test but do let me know how it looks - ie within setup, or by itself, empty or has settings or submenus etc)
Thank you for the files , i tried the first one and i could see the chipset menu with system agent config sub-menu and PCH-IO config submenu.
Both sub-menus are loaded with tons of setting , i thank you for that.
Great, that makes things easy then, thanks for quick report back. Full unlocked BIOS to follow soon now, I think that's all the info I need to unlock the rest. Was that chipset within a "Setup" section, or just all by itself saying "Chipset" on top like the rest of the original sections?
(05-25-2019, 01:43 AM)Lost_N_BIOS Wrote: Great, that makes things easy then, thanks for quick report back.  Full unlocked BIOS to follow soon now, I think that's all the info I need to unlock the rest.  Was that chipset within a "Setup" section, or just all by itself saying "Chipset" on top like the rest of the original sections?

Hello again , Chipset menu was a separate tab on top of the page.
Thanks, that's what I mean, was it on top like the original menu sections Main, Advanced etc, or was it within one called "Setup"

So, here is major unlocked BIOS.  Please confirm something for me, is old "Exit" page gone now, and you only see "Save and Exit" now with more options?

Also, on Boot 2 menu, I almost didn't enable this, since it's nearly the same as default Boot page, but it has "Quiet Boot" option that the other doesn't have, and the original has more settings that this one so I didn't want to remove it.  If you don't care about changing the quiet boot setting let me know and I can make you another BIOS with Boot 2 removed.

So of course, please also confirm for me that you now have Advanced 2 menu section, and in your old advanced section, the performance option page I revealed some hidden settings there for you as well (let me know you can see those too)

* Edit - BIOS confirmed all unlocked and looking perfect, always nice to see!

*** WARNING - This BIOS is ONLY for user rband, if that is not your username then do not use this BIOS
or you will loose your serial, UUID, possibly LAN MAC ID and windows activations too. You have been warned!!! ***

If anyone needs unlocked BIOS For Alienware 17 R2, send me your FPT BIOS region dump

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