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[Request] Enable overclocking on Supermicro X8DAi & X8DA3
Hi all,

I have a Supermicro with two Xeon L5638. This motherboard doesn't alllow to overclock the system.

I would like to try overclocking rather than buy two new microprocessors.

Can anyone do that? i don't know if it's possible but i believe is it.

Here you have the link for the Motherboard site. There is a link for download de Bios 2.1a at the right side of the page.

Thanks !


.zip (Size: 828.39 KB / Downloads: 16)
I included the Bios file in the attachment.
Hi I am wondering if that did allow you to overclock ? I have the same motherboard with 2 x5650 so I would love to try OC them Smile  Angel
Hi all.
I've got a supermicro X8da3 motherboard with twin Xeon 5680 processors.
I'm after someone who can modify the bios off the website I will post here:
 I need overclocking to be enabled on the bios and if possible 64bit os support so can be installed on windows 10 home 64bit. As I tried to install the bios but said wasn't supported on 64bit os so if someone can enable overclocking can they also tell me how to install using CMD on a 64bit os after reading the instructions included with the bios on the weblink I will be 100% giving you praise.
Thanks in advance

If no overclocking options can you add options to increase multiplier or any other options so I can have the Xeon turbo speed always on as a all core turbo.
  • Hi,I have a Supermicro X8DAi.However,overcloking that motherboard is not supported. Can someone give me a modified BIOS that can be overclocked?

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