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[Request] HP SR2150NX / ECS RC415ST-HM (Alhena5)
Hey guys, I'm new here.
I've had this Presario SR2150NX for a while and have been upgrading it. I bought a cpu and ram off of ebay (E6600, 4Gb ddr2).

Although not on the supported list, the cpu works!
But the ram is capped by the bios at 2gb, which is no better than the 2gb I already have. Sad
I have tried various configurations, and ended up with 4gb being detected as 3gb.
If there was a way to mod the bios to allow more ram or anything else that HP dipshits locked up that would be awesome!

I used the search and found a SLIC-modded bios here:
I am not too knowledgeable but SLIC means if I install Windows 7 on it, it will be preactivated and say it is HP OEM?

Anyways, if that does not work I found a origional HP v5.14 bios here:

Again if someone could unlock the ram cap and / or any other settings that would be much appreciated!
Sorry to bump such an old post, but I am very interested in this bios. I understand that memory caps are limited to the chipset itself as much as the BIOS, but if it can be done with relative ease, it could make a PC I have a decent little inexpensive rig.
Came across a Compaq presario SR2163wm today, which might be better (by a hair) than my demension e310.. wondered if there are any bios hacks out there. Also wondered if I'm truly binded to the 2 gigs of RAM it supports or can it handle more.
Did you install x64 OS? If not, then try that and see if you get 3GB visible or not.

Dump BIOS with this tool and I can check BIOS to see if anything hidden I can make visible for you. This tool may set off virus warning, so disable before you download or ignore etc. Window cannot move when you run it, open app, press read and wait, then once it's done you'll be able to press backup. Then send me the file.
Oh yeah I never did try 64bit. Is there supposed to be a link for the bios dumper, I don't see it. Thanks for the response btw.
You'll have to install x64 OS before you can use more than 2-3GB anyway.
Yes, sorry, there was supposed to be a link Big Grin -

You can also link me to the stock BIOS package as well, if you know where a download link can be found? This may be required to reflash BIOS, unless you have a flash programmer, so hopefully you know where a download link is
Took some digging, but I came up with this.
Thanks. Did the Universal BIOS Backup Toolkit not work for you?
Oh sorry, I haven't got a chance to do it yet. I'm hoping today to have the spare time.
Hey lost_n_bios, sorry for the delay. I locked myself out of the forum somehow.
I thought the motherboard on this computer was fried it just started and fans went nut nuts with nothing on the screen. So I reset the cmos and computer is up and running great! I'll get around to running that program tomorrow.

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