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[Request]Insyde HP bios F.63 advanced menu?
I have a laptop (HP G6 1105sz) with a discrete gfx card (HD 6470m) and an intel HD 3000 along with i5 2410m. Problem is that, i cannot install latest drivers as the only drivers i can install, are the ones for switchable graphics from HP and they are from 2011. Also the fan is soooo slow so when i game, the temperature go much higher but the fan speed does not change at all. Is there a way to unlock fan control and a way to disable Intel HD 3000? maybe advanced menu will let me do it?

Another question i had in mind was that if i flash a custom F.63 bios, is it possible for me to flash official F.63 on it?

The link to the download page F.63 is here: HP bios F.63

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