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[Request] X121e 3051-5YG AMD E-450 BIOS 1.16
The subject pretty much sais it alread, I am pretty desperately looking a whitelist removal for:

X121e 3051-5YG AMD E-450 BIOS 1.16

I want to use the non-whitelistet Ericsson F3507g WWAN card in it:

ID 0bdb:1900 Ericsson Business Mobile Networks BV F3507g Mobile Broadband Module

The only solution I found by now is a 1.15 version which can pitily not be flashed to a V1.16 device anymore Sad At least I do not know how.

I have pretty thoroughly tried to find all needed tools to do this myself but this really seems to be a non-stright forward process and I fear I could brick it.

So here is my big PLEASE - if someone with experience could either do the whitelist removal or adding the above device for me I would be VERY grateful. Or if someone would guide a little through the tools and process I might try again myself.

I am usually using Linux and the F3507 works *so* nicely on Linux that I really would like to use this card - and I bought it already not knowing about the whitelist - grmpf...

Many thanks in advance for *any* hint how I could overcome the darn whitelist check on the x121e with E450 CPU for the F3507g card.


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