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[Request] unlocked/modifyed bios for Dell inspiron m5030 laptop
Hi,i would like to know if it is possible to have my bios modded? i am having this really crazy problem. recently i just ordered a phenom x4 & 8GB ddr3 12800 ram. the CPU installed just fine, but the computer wont allow me to use the ram? if i install both or just one new stick/s (4gb pc3-12800 ddr3 1600mhz) i get a power on error beep , 2 beeps to be exact. however if i use one ddr3 2gb 1333mhz and mix it with the other 4gb 1600mhz it will boot and show 6gb of ram at 1333. i was wondering if there was a mod to let me use both sticks of 4gb pc3-12800 ddr3 1600mhz. my guess is that it doesnt support 1600mhz. but my phenom has a fsb of 1600mhz and i would like to take advantage of it.
Dell inspiron 15r M5030
amd Phenom x4 n970
8gb 1600mhz ram

DELL INC... aptio ami bios
version A05 Aptio setup utility AMI
Bios link -

i would really like to use the faster ram and if i could have video ram/cpu settings unlocked?
thank you so much!
Hi I recently bought x2 4gb pc12800 & a phenom quad core.
I am looking to unlock a few features to enable my ram & CPU for use.

The phenom quad core works but will get quite hot and shut down under heavy load.I just picked up some as5 thermal compound but I would like to lower the multiplier from bios!

The new ram won't even boot,I believe it doesn't support them
Theye are DDR3 1600 12800 2x4gb ,timing 10-10-10 v1.5 the old ram is DDR3 10600 1333 2x2g

Is there a possible way to mod the bios for faster ram,lower multiplier and more vram

Aptio setup utility ami
Dell corp.
AMI Bios link - /Product/inspiron-15-m5030?DriverId=WP6CC&FileId=2731101121&urlProductCode=False
I think is a cpu limitation. Phenom N970 support rams up to 1333mhz

take a look:

"Notes on AMD HMN970DCR42GM

The fastest supported memory is DDR3-1333"
How is the cpu working after you add the thermal paste? I have a dell m5030 too.

Another option is to lower the max cpu usage in windows 7. Try 96%.
Hello, there is a problem with CPU FAN, it's start only then cpu get about 70C. Can you please mod the bios settings, so fan would work all the time? Last version is A05.
Dell Inspiron M5030 System BIOS, A05

Bios original link

Please unlock Advance Menu
Hi, I've been messing around with my dad's old Dell inspiron m5030 laptop that he used for college in 2013. He had to stop using it because the cpu's on this model are notorious for bad cpu soldering. But a trick Iearned back in the Xbox 360 days brought it back to life. So the first thing is to update from windows 7 to 10. but every time I try the new OS freezes on first boot and so I need better bios options, legacy boot only is the main problem, I need to enable UEFI boot modes. plus I've already extracted the current A05 bios's ROM file from Dell's super annoying executable flasher. And the rom installed with out problems.  I could really use help with this one if you're up for it let me know.

Attached Files
.rom   m5030a05.rom (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 1)
So I figured out what was keeping win10 from loading, it was a graphics adapter driver incompatability. I injected the correct drivers into the windows 10 setup and boom no more freezing.

But I'd still love to have the bios if you want to bring an end to this ancient post please do it. But this seems like a long forgotten post, that never got answered even when this device was new. But I can still hope.


As m5030 is an AMD platform machine ,so re-flash bios is a big problem. You have to solve it yourself. I have tried to edit the attachment you provided ,try it then respond to the result.

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