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SLIC what is it ?
It's perhaps a silly question or because my poor english but, i can't find what mean SLIC and why it could be usefull to ask BIOS mod about it for some use.

I've search on google, wikipedia, i've found thing but not answer to my questions.

Could you help me (and probably put the tread in sticky status for other noobs like me)

SLIC (SYSTEM LICENSED INTERNAL CODE) 2.1 is the Software Licensing Table added to the BIOS on OEM PCs that come pre-installed with Windows 7.
It is used in concert with a Matching OEM Certificate and Key to Activate Win 7.
So by adding it to a BIOS and installing the Matching Certificate and Key, Win 7 will see your PC as a licensed OEM PC.
Thank you !
I've understand better your short explanation than the wikipedia one :
In addition, SLIC modifications are done if there are issues with genuine windows PCs not being able to correctly activate their version of the OS that came installed on the PC in question.


If you are interested in taking on a larger role as a team member with us at BIOS-Mods, PM me.

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