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SM3322 add Phenom II X6 CPU support
Hey. I want to use a Phenom II X6 on a Itautec SM-3322 board (Pegatron AP480C-S, according to CPU-Z). It currently has an Athlon X3 on it.
With the board's bios, it won't even post when I insert the Phenom on it.
I tried to flash the ASUS M3A78-CM BIOS on this board, since they are a bit similar.
The board detects the processor, but fails to finish booting. It displays "Initializing USB controllers" and hangs.

Is it possible to get the updated AGESA code from the ASUS board and replace it on my board BIOS?
I added both bios to the thread.


Attached Files
.rom   M3A78-CM-ASUS-2801.ROM (Size: 1 MB / Downloads: 1)
.rom   SM3322.ROM (Size: 1 MB / Downloads: 1)
If you have a hardware programmer then you can try to use BIOS from MSI -
Thanks! I flashed this bios, but it gets too unstable, sometimes it boots, sometimes it doesn't. So I flashed back my stock bios, and placed the old Athlon back inside.

Guess it's time for another motherboard to go with the Phenom.
(01-05-2020, 08:45 AM)conscript_ Wrote: but it gets too unstable, sometimes it boots, sometimes it doesn't.
Did you check the stability with old CPU and MSI BIOS?
it's the same thing with the Athlon. When I set the SATA mode to AHCI it won't boot anymore. So i let it stay on IDE mode. I tried to install windows and the installer hangs. Inserted a ubuntu live USB, and it could not complete booting as well.
Many times when I try to turn on the computer, it won't post, so I have to stay pressing reset until it starts.
So this MSI BIOS isn't compatible.
Try to find BIOS for Pegatron AP480-S version 1010 -
and BIOS for Pegatron AP480C-S/RM version 1012 -
Thanks! I'll try to find those BIOS, but I'm not sure they will support the Thuban processor. The benchmarks you linked show an Athlon dual core (Regor) and a triple core Phenom (Heka). They are probably supported on my BIOS, since it's running a triple core Athlon, which is similar to the Phenom, minus the L3 cache.

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