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Skipping/disabling EZ-Flash on ASUS P5Q-E AMI Bios?
tl;dr: How do I disable EZ-Flash on an Asus P5Q-E (AMI BIOS)? Is there a hidden option? Is there software that can remove specific modules from a BIOS?

One of the two BIOS sockets is defective on my ASUS P5Q-E, so that when the machine power-cycles, the bios sees that the contents of the two chips differ and drops into the ez-flash utility. I know both chips are good; I programmed them externally on a CH341A clone; the both work on one of the sockets, neither works on the other, so I blame the socket! The second socket shows as "unknown" in ez-flash, and, of course, trying to program it is futile. So I just quit and let the booting continue.

This is really annoying, because if the machine reboots, it gets stuck in the bios screen waiting for me to quit ez-flash.
This machine got delegated to being a file server a long time ago, so going over and resetting it manually is annoying. I don't really want to replace it; it's perfectly serviceable, it has lots of SATA sockets, it's in a big case, and replacing it would mean replacing everything, which I don't want to do.


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