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[Solved] ASUS CUV266-DLS add Tualatin support
I have problems updating the BIOS of my ASUS CUV266-DLS board with the Tualatin microcode tB1 stepping (CPUID 06B4).
I tried the manual for the ASUS P2B-DS and the P3B-F, but it does not really work that way.
This guide here:

It crashes every time I merge the BIOS file with the new cpucode.exe with "not enough space".

The last BIOS can be downloaded from ASUS:

The BIN file for the microcode tB1 stepping (CPUID 06B4) can be found here:

Here are screenshots of CPU-Z:
[Image: cuv_boardqkjnf.jpg]

Can someone help me to build a bios with integrated microcode of Tualatin?


It's done!

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