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Sony VGN-NS110D R0200Y3 Sony SLIC 2.1

Made a mistake thinking this bios was a phenix when it is an AMI (checked in bios).

I would like to request an update for this laptop. Default certification is Vista Home Premium. Would like to upgrade it to 7 Smile

Bios link:

Thank you.
This is a Requirement with Each Difficult Phoenix/Insyde Mod Request .

How To Create An RW Everything Report

Download and Install RWEverything from one of the following links:

Open RWEverything.

After RWEverything Opens, click ACCESS - ACPI Tables.

When ACPI Tables opens, click anywhere within the ACPI Window.

Now click CONTROL + F2 to save the entire table.

Save this Report to the desktop WITHOUT CHANGING THE NAME and either attach this file to

your post or upload it to one of the following: or or

If you upload your RWEverything Report to one of the 3 host servers above, post the download link of

your RWEverthing Report in the Post of your Mod Request.

Below is the preferred method in which to post your mod requests:

-Motherboard Model:
-Bios revision:
-Bios Type:
-Bios Download Link:
-RW Everything Report Download Link:

www find
oh..thought I wouldn't need that info here.

-Manufacturer: Sony
-Motherboard Model: VGN-NS110D
-Bios revision: R0200Y3
-Bios Type: AMI
-Bios Download Link:
-RW Everything Report Download Link: (check attachment)

This post is the exact same as :

Once done 1 of the 2 threads should be deleted


Attached Files
.rar   AcpiTbls.rar (Size: 21.85 KB / Downloads: 10)
Deleted Other Thread

Here you go , i used Sony 2.1 SLIC + Certificate Included:-

1. Copy and paste ******.XRM-MS certificate file into C-Drive.

2. After pasting this file into C-Drive, go to START - ALL PROGRAMS - ACCESSORIES - COMMAND PROMPT. Right click on Command Prompt and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

3. When Command Prompt opens, type at the prompt: slmgr.vbs -ilc c:\********.xrm-ms and hit the Enter Button. Wait for the Script Host to answer you with a message that the license was installed successfully....this could take a few minutes and so be patient.

4. After receiving the message that the license was installed successfully, type at the command prompt:

slmgr.vbs -ipk *****-*****-*****-*****-***** (Replace with any OEM SLP Product Key for your installed version of Windows 7 , they are not hard to find).Be Patient and wait for the message to say that the Product Key was sucessfully installed. After it says successfully installed, reboot the computer.

5. When you are back at your desktop, go to START - COMPUTER - right click on Computer and choose PROPERTIES and see if it is activated with an OEM product ID.

Flash at your own risk!

Please Report Back With Whether It Worked Or Not!

Please Consider A Small Donation As A "Thank You" If You Are Happy With Our Work

www find
Confirm works

Thanks alot.
Welcome Big Grin

www find
Thanks Mr. Admin.
You made my day. This moded Bios worked perfectly for my Vaio VGN-NS11M. I beleive that it will work with all Vaio NS Series laptops as normally they use same bios.
Thanks once again for your efforts.
Any chance of a re-up of this BIOS mod please?

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