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( UEFI ) Unlock request for Dell L702x Bios
A guide on how to flash it can be found in the first post of the linked thread.
A19 is up. UEFI Enabled along with GPT partition support. I know this because I installed windows 8 via USB using EFI and made my hd GPT.

Good step forward from dell!
The question is for TimeWalker but I guess everyone's answer would be just as fine Smile

After almost a year I think without a solution and keeping checking this thread once every few months, it seems the link you gave has some sort of a solution.
Would it be too much asking you for a shortcut through the 120+ pages of that thread? Blush

Maybe something like:
Download this tool to flash your bios.
here's a link to a hacked bios.
here's a link to a guide/instructions on how to use the tool to flash the hacked bios.

something like that maybe, if you may.
It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Please read the article posted on the front-page.
if u want to go to the easy way, like just download and flash the modded BIOS.

I think we modded the A18 and A19 bioses of the L702X some time ago

give a look to those links ^^

(unlocked A18 + flashing instructions + BIOS recovery cd )

(pictures of unlocked bios + unlocked A19)
(01-28-2013, 07:49 AM)kasar Wrote: if u want to go to the easy way, like just download and flash the modded BIOS.

I think we modded the A18 and A19 bioses of the L702X some time ago

give a look to those links ^^

(unlocked A18 + flashing instructions + BIOS recovery cd )

(pictures of unlocked bios + unlocked A19)

Wow thank you!

1. It worked!! Yay! Big Grin - I can't believe that after so many months this bios is finally hacked!
Thank you, I appreciate the help s.o. m.u.c.h!!

2. I'm back at my original problem from last year :'( , maybe you can help me with that too?
The problem with my Dell XPS l702x is that Win7 recognize only my Nvidia Geforce 555M g-card but completely ignores the IGD (Intel HD graphics...). I want it to recognize both - is it even possible?

I tried setting the "Primary display" to IGD of course but it didn't change anything. Actually I've been googling/playing for about 4-5 hours with the configurations with no luck.
I don't know what else to do...

pleased you liked it Smile

it was easy to mod since that bios structure was almost the same than the one from my L502X, and the same mods worked perfectly on it Smile
make sure to thank too Timewalker and JKbuha, those smart guys were the ones wich helped me to mod the L502X and doing the same mod at the L702X, I wouldt get so far without them. Smile

as for your issue with intel graphics and nvidia, relating to the L702X, I think there are two different models.

one of them have nvidia optimus, it basically can switch between intel or nvidia ones depending on configurations.

the other is the 3D model of the machine, it aparently cant disable the NVIDIA one since it is allways enabled and the intel graphics is not being used or at least avalible to the user.

cant confirm since I dont have that machine, that but that is what I heard from many guys at the notebookreview forums Smile

I would say you have the 3D version of the machine.

the gt555m is a good card in comparision with 525m 540m or 550m, (the ones installed at L502X and at the L702X by default)

it should give good performance on games, and even more with some OC.

the only reason to just want intel graphics would be power save for battery maximize.

as far I know there isnt a solution for the 3d version of the L702X to show the intel card yet
I was so excited, sorry hehe..
Timewalker and JKbuha, thank you too for helping with that. I am happy to see there are such great guys who just help and do their best, thank you, I really appreciate the time and effort spent helping me and the other guys in here.

The GT 555m is a great card indeed and with every new driver they get it to work even better.
But, the reason I want to use the Intel HD graphics is actually because of intel-specific technologies like My-WiDi. And I was so excited from the technology that I purchased the D-Link DHD-131 TV Adapter before checking that I can even enable it and now it stands in the box since I bought it almost untouched for almost a year now..
So, to use *that* technology it seems I have to enable the IGD and as you say with my 3D model of that laptop it is impossible right now..
hmm.. you think you can maybe fix that? Rolleyes

A small hijack for the discussion - you know maybe some other technology that would let me connect my laptop to my TV?


well, I dont have a L702X, so I dont know what kind of lock there is related to the intel graphics, not sure if there are different hardware (different motherboard) or just a modified firmware.

so I cant help you a lot with that.

about connecting the laptop to a TV, you can go with the easy way, just pick an hdmi cable and plug it from the laptop to your tv, then you should get image and sound at the screen , thats how I managed to connect my laptop to a full HD tv ^^

3D models of XPS 15 and 17 (non-sim versions like 15z) use different motherboards then the _SW units, to my knowledge these motherboards are completely different from engineering standpoint in terms of connector organisation - LVDS (laptop screen) channels are directly connected to dGPU. Green lines(_DSI) are discrete only, black lines (_SW) are OPTIMUS.
[Image: Screen%20Shot%202013-01-29%20at%209.15.27%20PM.png]
As you can see on _SW models LVDS and DP can alternate between green and black - Intel or nVidia (or actually nVdia is more likely to be just an accelerator for rendering, picture is being displayed through Intel), but HDMI port always remains connected to nVidia.

It's something similar to H55 and P55 chipsets used back in the day, P55 chipset would just suppress the IGD graphics on processor and there wasn't a way to enable it even as hardware accelerator because the board would not allow it being engineered like that. There were no traces/lanes for IGD. Same thing could be here.. there's a high change it's actually like that to handle 3D screen.

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