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Unlock Request Dell Vostro 3590 Bios Version 1.8.1
Unlock Request Dell Vostro 3590 Bios Version 1.8.1

1)  CFG Unlock. MSR Unlock

2)  I don,t have the option to change memory size, and i wanthed to be unlocked,so i can make changes to video memory szize.

increase the memory available to use by Intel HD Graphics.

System memory = 32 MB  (my it,s locked in bios at 32mb)
System memory = 64 MB
System memory = 128 MB
System memory = 256 MB
System Memory = 512 MB
    1 GB (or maximum)

That,s all i want unlocked! maybe if you consider a few more options important to be unlocked, please do as you consider it's better.
sorry for my bad englesh!

Thank You!

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