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Unlocking the R0070J4 BIOS
This post contains the modified R0070J4 BIOS image.

Initially, a flashable R0070J4 BIOS image did not exist on the internet, so I decided I would create my own (actually, WinPhlash decided that for me, against my will). I created a backup image of my BIOS using Universal BIOS Backup Toolkit v2.0. Then, I applied compatible platform data from an official R0030J4 BIOS update (same notebook series, same chipset). I tested the image and it correctly flashed my VGN-N250E notebook.

A few months later, after creating a thread of this same name requesting a BIOS mod for this BIOS, I learned how to mod the BIOS myself. 2 months succeeding that, I am finally posting this in the Phoenix forum.

I have not personally tested the modified BIOS image yet, but I am making plans to do so some time in the future. The image has been verified though and is safe to flash.


Sometime in the very near future, I am going to release a second version of this BIOS mod. The reason for the delay is that there are some new BIOS modding techniques that I have discovered and I am testing them out with someone else's BIOS image (they are able to recover it if something goes wrong). These methods are safe, but they have not yet been tested. These new techniques will enable me to change the number of items in the Main Menu from 8 to upwards of 40. They will also allow me to make more room for adding new settings. In addition to this, I will gain the ability to unhide settings that are hidden by a special function (they show up in the PBE emulator, but not in the actual BIOS).


Now for the usual warnings/disclaimers...
Quote:Please remember to take proper precautions when flashing your BIOS. Even if the image is safe, the flashing process can still fail. Make sure that (if applicable) your notebook is fully charged (100%), the power plug is properly connected, and that the chance of the power going out is as minimal as possible. Do not interrupt the flashing process. If possible, it is a good idea to have a working CRISIS recovery disk when messing with your BIOS. Use the flashing instructions for your particular computer brand. DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNNECESSARY!!!

I take absolutely NO responsibility for ANY damages that may occur to you, your computer, your personal belongings, your neighbor's cat, or any other personnel or equipment as a direct or indirect result/consequence of your, or any one else's, use or misuse of any of the files that are in this archive at the present or at any time in the past or the future. You assume full responsibility for any damages or inconveniences that may occur by choosing to flash, or otherwise use or misuse, this image or any of the other files within this archive.

Have fun! Smile

You may need to rename the modified BIOS file within the archive to "bios.wph" in order to flash it.

Please remember to post the results of the BIOS flash!

HASH VERIFICATION (DigitalVolcano's HashTool v1.1):
MDA5: 1f0b5a687281eda428ca6426be72fed5
SHA-1: d8a96f6fd305f10a1e874db48d11ac130a8eead9

Attached Files
.rar   bios_SLIC.rar (Size: 603.35 KB / Downloads: 48)

If you have flashed my modified BIOS image and found it to be useful, please consider making a donation. Thank you. Smile Donate Here Sml6397 | MDL: ArcticFreeze | StevenL
www find
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I know this is an old post but I just wanted to post an say thanks.

I've been working on an old Sony VGN-N21E which has an MBX-160 v1.1 board. This mod worked and allowed me to gain access to the hidden bios options like the AHCI settings.

I did have to use the modded winphlash from this post as it just said platform signature not found but that allowed me to flash the bios successfully.

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