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Upgrade RAM and CPU
Hi, I have a doubt and I would like to ask you, knowing that you are bios modding experts. I have the option to buy a nice laptop, the problem is that it has both the processor and the RAM soldered. 

This computer was sold with two different processors: one with the I5-6200U and the other with the I7-6500U. Would it be possible to upgrade to the I7-6560U? Same processor family, same TDP, same socket (FCBGA1356), same chipset, same RAM, all the same except the GPU, which in the i7-6560u is an Iris 540 instead of the HD520. There are other laptops such as the DeLL Inspiron 7368 and 7569 which were sold with both the I5-6200U, the I7-6500U, and the I7-6560U. If I changed processor would it work directly or would I have to change the bios?
 Same with RAM, the laptop has 8GB in dual channel, each channel has 2 modules of 2GB each. The RAM is of the LPDDR3 type, so it is soldered and there are no free slots. The ram socket is of type BGA178. The processors and the chipset support up to 32GB of ram, if I upgraded the ram with modules of 8GB each, then 16GB per channel for a total of 32GB would work directly or should I change the bios?
 Soldering and unsoldering processor and ram is not a problem for me. I know how to do it and I have the right tools, I just wanted to know if it is feasible without modifying the bios or not. I don't think they put any blocks in the bios to prevent someone from changing the ram and cpu, after all they are soldered. But I have no idea how a bios works and I could be wrong, so I ask you. Thanks in advance.

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