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Urgent help! Recover BIOS for Asus N552VW
Hello people of the world,
I flashed a custom bios from your forum on my ASUS n552vw laptop for the sake of ram overclocking. I found it useless so I reversed then flashed my bios backed up by AFUWIN64. Now the laptop is bricked. LEDs of power, airplane mode and caps lock are on, LED of battery is blinking regardless of power attached or not. Laptop powers on if power cord is attached. Screen is always black.

I tried CMOS reset but same. I followed the Bios recovery page on this website, my motherboard is AMI UEFI, it can be opened by Phoenix Slic tool (not Ami tool as it is UEFI) but the program doesn't give me recovery name. It can be opened in latest MMtool but I don't know how can this be useful.
I also have USB 3 only in this laptop. Can I recover using USB flash drive?

I need to unbrick this laptop ASAP, I'm a medical student and my whole life is on that device. The device is less than 2 years old and it can't be trashed that fast. Also I can't afford sending to Asus as I'm a medical student. Any sort of help is appreciated. I will donate if someone helped.
Link to unlocked bios:!j0MlxQba!rFs2PK8GMPyrE...9j-7bnNiH8

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