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X58-PRO Chinese dont work with 130W CPU - Help-ME
Hello friends,

I'm having problems with Xeon W3565 CPU on a Chinese generic motherboard, currently I use Xeon E5620 on the said motherboard named by the seller as X58-PRO from the Kllisre brand but there are also other identical X58-PRO that are supposedly manufactured by other brands like Atermiter , JIAHUAYU, Machinist and others ... (X58-PRO Huananzhi is slightly different)

The fact is that the seller that I bought the motherboard from 1 year ago told me that it is compatible with W35XX, W36XX and X5680 / X5690, all CPUs with 130W-TDP, knowing this, 1 year after the purchase I decided to order a W3565 for increasing the clock from 2.4ghz to 3.2ghz, when receiving for my surprise it didn't work, i contacted with the seller he said that this card does not support 130W-TDP CPUs, only 95W or less.
I tried to find the motherboard vendor but I couldn't, so I looked for ads for this motherboard online and some vendors claim to be compatible and even selling kits Xeon X5680 with this same motherboard, but others say no, just 95W or less, the bridge north is 5500 and according to Intel it is compatible so I imagine that to increase the useful life of the motherboard they chose to limit the compatibility with these CPUs by removing the BIOS codes, which does not make much sense since the motherboard has 7 phases of VRM and would be able to power the CPU.

I have no experience in BiosMod but I am willing to learn, would it be possible to include these codes as is done in motherboards lga775 to support Xeons lga771?

Could someone teach me and guide me on where to get the codes and how to add in the BIOS? (if it’s less work and someone can do it for me too it would be good)

In addition to this main issue, there are also other limitations in the BIOS that should be dealt with in a separate topic, but to avoid reworking friends I will put here:
The motherboard does not enable the turbo boost, being always in stock.
The motherboard has no overclocking options.

If there are any hidden options about this, I would appreciate having them unlock,
Thankyou and I apologize about my English.

Download below Zip with BIOS file and images:


Image of the motherboard in question below.

[Image: X58-pro-1.jpg]

[Image: X58-pro-2.png]

Attached Files
.zip   X58 (Size: 5.83 MB / Downloads: 1)
Attached BIOS already has suitable microcode for W3565.
P.S. Unlocking mod are offtopic in this section.

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