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ordinateur portable hp dv7-6174sf mort EEPROM
I am trying to program a BIOS on a soic 8 SPI EEPROM again. My first problem is in bios sp54724 version F.21 (attachment),

there are two bin files, the keyboard bios ... and the other bios, but which one to choose?

il y a deux fichiers bin, le bios du clavier ... et l'autre, mais lequel choisir?

Attached Files
.bin   01649F21.bin (Size: 2.19 MB / Downloads: 0)
.bin   01649S21.bin (Size: 2.19 MB / Downloads: 0)
I took the first BIOS on 01649F21, I decrypt it with Phoenix Tool v2.73. When I check it with Hex Workshop Hex Editor, at the end there is $ BID01649.F21 but when I program it on the EEPROM and read it on the TL866ii software? he does not write it at the end? Can anyone help me because I am going to weld her to try a dump. I leave 2 attachments.

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There is not a keyboard BIOS and some other, this is due to two different actual systems in the BIOS exe. When you run the stock flasher, it chooses which system by an ID, then uses that BIOS. If you do not know, or have never flashed a BIOS on this system, you need to find a thread with users currently posting that have this exact system and send them a PM and ask or also ask in the thread.

Please link to the stock EXE package. Please also dump the current BIOS, or if you have already written to the BIOS with programmer, please send me the original BIOS you dumped from the chip before you wrote to the chip, I can find the original ID this way too.

Hopefully you made a backup first!! Often, stock BIOS download is only partial BIOS, so you can't simply write it to the chip and it will work.
If you did not originally make a backup, dump the entire chip now so I can see it's full size, or give me the BIOS ID off the chip. If it's not a 2MB chip, then this is only partial BIOS for sure, but even if it is a 2MB chip that does not mean these are complete BIOS (Most BIOS are usually a partial update, only meant to update certain things in the BIOS and rest is blank data/not flashed when flashing)

This is two BIOS files, used for 20 different systems, based on a system ID FvID=945PL-A
PlatformName1=Casablanca Danube

;Flag default : 0.
; 0 : Normal mode.
; 1 : Multi-FD mode. It will reference FD#XX values.
;FD#XX support up to 99 files FD#01 ~ FD#99
;This section supports IO space type, PCI address type and multiple condition type.
;FD#XX=IO,[Offset],[Mask],[Value],[File Name],[ME File Name],[INI File Name]
;FD#XX=PCI,[Bus],[Device],[Function],[Offset],[Mask],[Value],[File Name],[ME File Name],[INI File Name]
;FD#XX=MPCIIO,[Conditon Number],PCI-[Bus]-[Device]-[Function]-[Offset]-[Mask]-[Value],IO-[Offset]-[Mask]-[Value],[File Name],[ME File Name],[INI File Name]
; [Offset] : Offset in hex.
; [Mask] : IO type supports BYTE, WORD and DWORD in hex.
; For example, BYTE -> 03, WORD -> 0A01, DWORD 100400D3
; PCI type supports DWORD in hex only.
; [File name] : File name of FD.
; [ME File name] : ME File name of FD. If it exists, utility will run OEMME flash feature.
; [INI File name] : INI File name for overwrite.
; If it exists, utility will load the new ini file and overwrite all sections (except [MULTI_FD]) exist in new ini file.
;When [Offset] & [Mask] == [Value], it will flash the following files ([File Name] and [ME File Name]).

What is your current ME FW, that looks like it might be the deciding factor at Multi-FD. Check BIOS main page and see if ME FW version is shown, if not then download HWINFO64 and on the large window on left side, expand motherboard and find ME area, inside that get the ME Firmware version.
ID = login?
You search the PC ID  or the bios ID (attachments).
Please link to the stock EXE package? Huh
Hopefully you made a backup first!!  I broke the pins of the chip   Blush
my chip : 32 Mbits SPI serial flash soic 8
/not flashed when flashing ??
ME FW?/ Multi-FD?

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No - ID means system or BIOS ID Type, like platform ID, you see this shown when you run the BIOS update tool usually

No, Intel ME FW has nothing to do with Multi_FD (This means BIOS has multiple system BIOS files in it, flash proceeds based on the platform ID or system BIOS ID etc.)

I did ask you to check ME FW version, it may help, I'm not sure. You can check that a few ways - BIOS main page and see if ME FW version is shown, if not then download HWINFO64 and on the large window on left side, expand motherboard and find ME area, inside that get the ME Firmware version. Or, this tool might also show you at bottom of it's report -

Is that image you showed, from your exact system? If yes, that doesn't look correct for your system, based on the BIOS you linked

So, you broke BIOS chip, OK. Can you still connect to it with SOIC8 test clip? If yes, please dump it's contents. if not, solder a leg on there if you can, then try to connect with SOIC8 test clip.

Otherwise, maybe if you can find same exact dumped BIOS from other user with same board, that could help
The image I am showing you is not my BIOS, it was to know if it's the ID I have to look for.
My adapters never got to read the EEPROM, I spent 3 days on it with SOIC8 test clip. My photographs of my chip are too big for attachments, but I cut all the pins to put the soic8 clip.
 So I deduce that the chip is dead, because the notebook warmed heavily. It was badly consu too powerful, not enough fan, ...
The notebook is not responding, black screen, so I can not use software to have ME FW version. For the Multi_FD, I suspected a bit, I wanted a confirmation. You did not explain me for the ME FW it is related to a BIOS area that deals with the CPU or chipset?
I searched for system ID my I was not found, I will continue to search for it. Or could I find it? If you have an idea, do not hesitate to let me know.
On HP support:
Type: BIOS
Version: F.21
Operating system: Windows 7 (64 bit)
Release Date: Sep 27, 2011
Filename: sp54724.exe (5.9 MB)

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
This is the ID (attachments)? ID = system BIOS version ?

I posted on several forums my application ID (system BIOS version), no one answers me, it is a pc bought in supermarkets and more sold than in France. I found a motherboard on ebay tell me what you think, I see the chip on the map it marks that it is in good condition.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
So, I still don't understand, you can't connect SOIC8 test clip to the chip you removed? Sounds like you shorted it out, but you still may be able to dump it's contents if you put the clip on it (even without legs, use the "Stumps" Big Grin)

ME FW is part of the BIOS, it's a region inside the BIOS. And yes, that image you showed about the ID at post #4, that is what I need to see from your exact system. No, I don't need to see BIOS version. It's shown either when you flash BIOS, via they Insyde flashing tool like you showed in post #4, or I can find in your dumped BIOS if you dump it with programmer.

Chip is not dead, unless you broke it in half, or fried it with 120V or something like that (that isn't coming out of your motherboard)
Each EEPROM has a specific voltage so if you are moving it away you can grill the chip. Aging fleas are more fragile (flash, computer chauleur, ...) .I cut it so much that I need a microscope to look at it Cool . Yesterday I try with the soic8 clip, I miss a pin that does not pass, but I will continue with luck. So I got tired I bought a used motherboard, I will sell it after it's a great idea Big Grin . I still have no answer on the forums, website ..., as soon as he read HP they flees me like the plague (the hp is not mine), I made a request on the website the To commune an expert I answered that I would die before having an answer. But I will continue looking for the BIOS while waiting for the motherboard, she arrives in a month of China. Two months ago I bought a preprogrammed chip at Angry , I sold it and nothing, I sent him the EEPROM in Germany, I'm still waiting for it, I I broke the contract and nothing he did not refund me, when I recontact chips of bios 24, he claimed not to understand. He does not refund 17 € and more by his incompetence he may have broken my motherboard. Today, I repaired another computer, it's good to win, I think that will go up a store!. But I continue on the hp and I resume on the motherboard striker extrem. see you soon...
I've put 6V through 3V chip, and 1.8V chip, it will be fine just gets very hot, same with reversed polarity too, it doesn't short out but gets super hot. Yes, I suppose if you left in either one of those conditions for a long time it could burn it out.. And yes, if you physically damaged it so badly you can't connect to the legs at all then it's a loss.

I know what you mean, HP doesn't like to help with anything this involved at all! You could get broken board of same model on ebay, BIOS would probably still be good Big Grin

That BIOS guy sells on ebay too doesn't he? I asked him and another seller question once I knew they'd be wrong and lie about, and yes they were wrong and lied, I told them straight up and then no replies only to say "Purchase" and then we'll give real answer (after they lie, not really lie but incorrect answer and proved to me they knew nothing and would only send broken BIOS like they gave you)

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