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[solved] enabled AHCI on Asus P5K

can you re-enable the AHCI Mode on the ICH-9 Controller?
Asus has removed this, AHCI is only available on J-Micron Controller.
I need it for osx86

Here is the File:

Thank you
I see AHCI configuration available for all 4 SATA ports in BIOS - isn't it the thing you need?

It's in the first section of the BIOS.
Yes, Thats's right, but it isn't available in The BIOS. I can only Choose IDE Mode.
I can enable it only with an older revision...
This is an older BIOS File for this MoBo.
I can enable AHCI on ICH-9 Controller with this BIOS!
Please, add some more info:
1) In what BIOS section do you change the ICH-9 mode and how is the menu named? And even better - how are the options named (best would be in order how they are in the menu). Is it in SATA configuration? And the AHCI configuration is just an info menu, right?
2) What is the difference in the new one - the BIOS section isn't seen, the BIOS menu isn't seen, it's seen but you can't change the value, you can change the value, but AHCI isn't presented?

It'll save me quite an amount of time Smile thank you.
The AHCI configuration is just an info menu, right!
The Options are in the SATA configuration menu
I can change the value, but AHCI isn't presented!

I made some screenshots so you can take a look.

Revision 0405 is the old one and 1201 the latest.


i hope that help's.

(sorry about my english, i learned it in geman school)
That one wasn't too easy! Smile

I've finally had to face a new structure that I've seen before but didn't need to mod. Now I had to.

Check and enjoy.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 620.72 KB / Downloads: 400)
it work'sBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

very very Thank's.

now i can install new quad core CPU using osx86
Antinomy, any interest in telling us how you did it, or is it too complex without writing a whole guide? I'd like to branch out from the Award section...

Feel free to use/link/host any BIOS I post, no credit necessary. However, this is at your own risk and I take no responsibility. Always keep a backup of a known-good BIOS. Don't flash a motherboard if you don't have a backup computer just in case.

Always use RAID mode. RAIDFix
mig3000, thanks!

Dansolo, I've edited the menu item via HEX, not AMIBCP. Pretty close to labling a hidden item that doesn't have one in Award BIOS but without using modbin, using hex again. In this case the menu item had only one label, IDE. Other options were blank and BIOS hides them because they're blank. I've added another label at an appropriate place and this is it.

If this doesn't help you then only a guide will help.

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