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x51rl bios request

my notebook x51rl lock up memory just can detect 2,5 G ( i put 3 G /4 G)

i think the bios 204 lock em

i worried the techncal support from web brand are leave me in darkness

somebody says this x51rl can handle up into 4G sodim


i hope can get elightness
and also i dont know is the bios will lock HDD size and 7200rpm

its so silences i post in web brand forum theres Sad

asus x51RL


BIOS: AMI version 204

( path: Notebook/X51series/X51RL/win xp/bios)
For RAM (Memory) questions , always refer to

According to them (, your machine can hold a maximum of 2GB Memory , with 1gb per slot.

Thats why it wont recognise 2.5gb , because its not designed to take more than 2gb!

owh that mean i have no chances to get 4 G

hmm how bout dual channel kit that crucial sayss

cuz i contact guys at shop i bought this things and says ..this notebook maybe cannot handle dual chanels ( well actually they dont have any stock crucial sodim )

i dont know if i could use dual chanel kit from corsair or else

cuz i worried if order to those guy on shop in my country to get me a pairs of crucial dual channel import here..after i put it then the dual chanel kit its fines but my notebook are not same type like x51rl says at crucial......wat i know there are many type model code from x51rl ...i just worried it not goin to be a dual channel mode sinces there lot guys ppl says dual channel can be work in if the chipset inside motherboard can support it

i already had a pair apogee sodim but cpuz just detect em as single (2x1G)
i put em a pairs well its still single mode

but anyway thnx u for your reply for my post Smile
your welcome

Whilst some motherboards will accept more than the documentation says , your asking for trouble in the long term!

no man... i mean i thought while i bought this model is have lot expandble upgradble compatible with more new tech accecoris in the markets todays ..
i only a consumers how bought notebook...all kinda compatibles things for this product should comes from brand tech support or a guys who sell this things...but seems like they leaving us is becuz this notebook catagory low ends tech and cheap the forum of this lapiez others guys says it can handle around 3 G ....and he say its bout bios but well i dont know cuz i hadn see his upload CPUZ screen shoot at all until now

lot a ppl think why just can handle 2 G ..its becuz a producer of 2 G x1 havent making it yet and now they realease it to the market
like 2 G gaming corsair sodim

and ppl will thought owh ok the new tech is comes and this machines should can handle it

about vga ati ..they didnt give any new drivers support at i tried modder from other webs...

i call this is a struggling surviving ...before they make this product dead end supportsss from a makers

and maybe they just can say owh yea u better buying new lapiezz LOL

Good day! Can ASUS X51RL be unlocked so that it can support T7500, T8100, T8300, T9300, T9500 processor and support up to 4Gb memory?

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 438.87 KB / Downloads: 2)
Hi, did it work for you with T8100, T8300, T9300, T9500 processors?

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