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Full Version: M2N32-SLI Deluxe AM3 Support Request
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I would like to know if support for the Phenom II x6 can be added to this board. I have this board and can do testing.

There is currently limited support for AM3 chips based on Asus beta bios 5002.

Thank you.
I'm on it! Well use the same AGESA from the M2N-SLI-DELUE 1901 Beta 2 mod Big Grin

(11-09-2010, 07:34 PM)TheWiz Wrote: [ -> ]I'm on it! Well use the same AGESA from the M2N-SLI-DELUE 1901 Beta 2 mod Big Grin


I'm looking forward to testing the new bios.

Thank you
hello whizz just a question for you. will my mobo bios upgrade so i can put a quad core in this is my mobo Asus M2N32 WS Professional nForce 590 SLI Motherboard.. amd.. meny thanks lee
As I already told TheWiz, I have a M2N32-SLI Deluxe (currently with Athlon64 X2 5200+), which has been giving me excellent results, and a PhenomII X6 1090t BE, all ready to do as much testing as it's needed to get that Bios Mod working!

I'm running the 5002 beta BIOS. I've tried putting the 6X6 in, and it's recognized as a Dual Core Opteron on the BIOS screen. I've tried playing with the voltages and multiplier, but I haven't been able to load anything past the BIOS screen. Some new options appeared on the BIOS (like a "Phenom patch", and another one that I can't remember) that are not available with my AthlonX2, along with the usual ones which are (like C'n'Q, Virtualization, etc).

I'm looking forward to helping!
ThwWiz, I don't think using the same M2N-SLI Deluxe BIOS for this Board as for my KN9 Ultra is a good Option, as there already is the 5002 beta BIOS for the M2N32-SLI Deluxe which supports Phenom II CPUs up to X4 945 95W and the M2N-SLI Deluxe doesn't add any cpus to the supportlist.

Since you told me that it'd be almost impossible adding support for Phenoms to bioses which only support dualcores, wouldn't it be the same with adding support for sixcores to a bios with only quadcore support?

I think you could help leejakubbi with his M2N32 WS Professional, though.

The M2N32 SLI DLX can support x6 CPU's as i found a way 2 add support
a few months ago, however the CPU will still need 2 be set from within
the OS.
@ej52: could you please post that way you've found? How can you set the CPU from the OS if you can't even boot? Or do you have to set it before changing the CPU?

I'm using a M2N32 SLI DLX and have a X6 1090 waiting in it's box, but I haven't been able to make them run together.
It's not something u can do easily.... it involves patching the ACPITBL and AGESA....

By setting the CPU from the OS... i mean u would hav 2 set it like u do the 965...

If you are willing 2 test a modded bios i will start lookin into it again Smile

I more than willing to test a modded BIOS, if you give me a decent hope that it'll make my 1090t work on this board!

I don't know how you set up the 965. I'm currently running an AthlonX2 5200+
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