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[GUIDE] How to modify AMI MSI BIOS to unlock full features (UEFI Aptio4)
(01-22-2018, 12:03 PM)ajayajayaj Wrote:
(01-20-2018, 05:07 PM)Trickz Wrote: Love this guide, thanks a lot!

However I have a question. How can you update the microcode on the BIOS? I can read the microcode but can't seem to be able to replace or add the microcode.

Hey guys, I used to get it working

This doesn't really show how to update the microcode. The tool only allows to read it, but not to replace it Sad
You can flash the modified bios with afuwin
This doesn't work for me making your steps, BIOS, still with same options.
For flash from AfuDOS, currently, use the follow command: afudos biosimagename.rom, or flash into Windows with Afuwin.
Hi forum,

is it possible to mod an uefi ge60 2pc apache with updated microcodes (UBU) and unlocked setup features?
I ask because i read that bios is probably partially write protected.

Greetings from Germany
hello does anyone knows how to decrypt Samsung BIOS update into new BIOS thanks. Smile
Eagar too unlock my GoTab Tablet BIOS so I can install Ubuntu OS BUT . . . . 

Neither files UFUWINGUI.exe or AFUWINx64.exe would run under Windows 10 on the GoTab? It said@ Won't run on this Windows version@ !HELP¬

hello everyone. 
i repeated these exact steps on an MSI cr620, and the modded bios installed just fine. booted up just fine as well, i had all the opened settings accessible, not a problem there.
although, the recovered BIOS file from afuwin was 2048 kb, while the factory update file is 4096. this was a bit worrying, although it worked fine.

i was stupid enough to disable a setting called "display logic" in the already unlocked bios, and the machine isnt POST-ing ever since.
tried removing the CMOS abttery, RAM, everything really, without any success.
what should i do now? would a BIOS reflash be the solution?
thanks in advance
I made an English YouTube video based on a guide here for unlocking laptop BIOS.

Here is the original guide:
(08-24-2015, 12:20 PM)pro.phantom Wrote: Good morning/evening!

I explain here step by step how to modify your notebook BIOS to unlock hidden functions for an UEFI AMI Aptio4 BIOS.
This Tutorial was made using an MSI GS60 2QE Ghost Pro 4K, with MS-16H5 Motherboard (HM87), but it should be the same for other models carrying AMI Aptio4.

Things you need:
- Latest Original BIOS from MSI
- Rufus 2.xx (to create a FreeDOS boot-able USB) download from
- AFUDOS v3.06 (BIOS update utility from AMI for DOS with BIOS security bypass feature)
- AfuWin (BIOS update utility from AMI for Windows NT)
- AMIBCP v4.53 (BIOS Configuration Program)
- (optional) AMI ChangeLogo ( to change BIOS boot logo )


(optional) You can use my already modified BIOS with almost all settings unlocked.
If you do so, skip steps 5 and 5a and use 'mod.rom' included in zip to flash.
(it's BIOS version E16H5IMS.10F unlocked, should be used ONLY for the same notebook as mine)
If after booting you see MSI logo with Hello World Edition!, it was flashed correctly.



1. Update BIOS to the latest official MSI version.
Follow steps provided by MSI.

2. Load Optimal Default Settings in BIOS.

3. Boot to your Windows OS

4. Open AFUWINGUI.EXE to make a backup of your current BIOS image.
- Click on 'Progress' tab, then Click on 'Save' Button
- Choose where to save and put a name on it or leave it as afuwin.rom
- After completed, click 'Exit'.
- Save a copy of the backup to a safe place, just in case.

5. Open AMIBCP.exe (Where the fun begins)
[Image: image.png]
- Click File -> Open, then select the backup saved on step 4. (afuwin.rom or however you named it)
- Just change Access/Use from 'Default' to 'USER' to every menu/sub-menu/option you want to unlock.
- After you changed everything you want to unlock, Click on the 'Save' button (overwrite the current, don't use save as)
- Now Close program, if asked you can select save changes again (doesn't matter).

5a. (OPTIONAL) Change OEM Boot Logo.
- Open ChangeLogo.exe, click on 'Load Image'
- Select thje modified BIOS already edited with AMIBCP.
- Click 'Save Logo'.
- Now edit it as you wish with mspaint, gimp etc.. but preserve the dimensions and format.
- To change it, click 'Browse' -> Select the edited logo, then click on 'Replace Logo'
(it will say something like: JPEG not supported, do you want to continue?. Click YES)
- Now Click Save Image as (overwrite current or chose another name you wish with .rom)

6. Create a boot-able USB with FreeDOS.
[Image: image.png]
- Open rufus, select your USB stick and check create a boot-able disk using FreeDOS as shown in image.
- Click Start (it will destroy everything on the USB so use an empty one)

7. Copy AFUDOS.EXE and the modified BIOS to the root folder of your boot-able USB.

8. Make sure that the files where correctly saved into the USB stick (compare SHA-1/MD5 checksums, file size, etc..)
if everything is cool, reboot your computer. VERY IMPORTANT: Check that modified rom size match with the backup created in step 4, if mismatch don't continue you may be doing something wrong.

9. Enter in BIOS load default settings, in Boot mode select LEGACY. (this may not be needed)
- in boot order select USB Hard Disk (or hold F11 while booting to select USB stick)
- Save changes & Exit...

10. Now boot into FreeDOS.
- Select your keyboard layout.
- DOS prompt will appear, type dir to check that you are on the correct directory.
!!BEFORE TO FLASH BIOS!! Make sure your laptop is connected to the AC power cord. (also good to have just the usb stick plugged in, no other usb gear connected)
- To start flashing, type: (replace mod.rom with the name you saved earlier)
afudos mod.rom /GAN
- hit ENTER, it will start flashing.
!!WARNING!! If you get a warning about size mismatch or something similar DO NOT CONTINUE.Never flash if size don't match!
When you see Verifying all blocks ... done. and retunred to the DOS promt you then can Power off laptop.
- Push your poweroff button, then disconnect your AC Power charger and keep disconnected for some seconds (like 10seconds, this is only for laptops with integrated battery, if you can remove battery do it for few seconds, this it's also not needed in most cases)

11. DONE! Now re-connect AC power cord and power on your laptop, you should see your new Logo at booting (if you replaced it)
- Enter BIOS, now you should see all the unlocked menus.

12. Enjoy your unlocked BIOS and have funs!! Cool
If if it was helpful for you, you can donate some coins if you wish.

Donate Bitcoin: 1H7AP8Zm69WXbqLWm6kK6rvSyCQsjiGTKi
So, I've done this and only difference is that I used the UEFI Utility to turn the .CAP file to .ROM file. and then when I tried to update the bios from dos it said something like ''Force update bios?'' I did a quick research on the net from my phone before saying anything but since I couldn't find anything I said [censored] it and said yes. and then the screen went black after a load. and now...*sigh* my laptop won't turn on, leds won't turn on as well.

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