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[REQUEST] Lenovo Legion 5 (EFCNxxWW) BIOS Unlock

-Manufacturer : Lenovo
-Model : Legion 5-17IMH05H (Legion 5i 17" i7-10750H/RTX2060) config: 81Y80007US
-Bios Revision : EFCN38WW
-Bios Type : Insyde
-Bios SLIC : ??
-Bios Link :
-Rw-everything report.

-Extracted BIOS.fd from efcn38ww.exe:

hi, i would like to enable the advanced bios menu as well as anything else that could possibly be unlocked and im more than happy to make a donation for the assistance via paypal or other funding of your choosing. i've spent a good deal of time trying to accomplish this myself and initially i set out to unlock the undervolt functionality that is blocked on most/all 10th gen intel cpu's due to the plundervolt mitigation and i was able to by extracting bios > using UEFITool/Universal IFR Extractor to extract a list of settings and available values > then used RU.efi at boot to edit the appropriate bit in "CpuSetup" which was "0xDA" (OverClocking Lock) from "01" to "00" save/exit and undervolt is functional from xtu/throttlestop.

i've tried to repeat my steps to change things like `Setting: Maximum Memory Frequency, Variable: 0x144` for example to change it from the 2933mhz it's locked to now up to 3200mhz (pre-installed ram is 3200mhz but bios limited to 2933 on legion 5i models).
but i find it more difficult to find "0x144" (??) compared to finding "0xDA" (00DA) and so here i am asking for some help either by way of guidance on how to unlock the advanced bios menu or other suggestion. thanks for your time, help would be greatly appreciated.
Manufacturer : Lenovo
Model : Legion 5 15IMH05H
Bios Revision : EFCN39WW
Bios Link :

Hello, pls help enable the advanced menu in BIOS Legion 5 15IMH05H
Please I need to get into advanced mode to undervolting and xmp profiles on Lenovo 5i
Where can I upload the bios file? bios.fd
Hello I would also like to have my advance settings unlocked

here is the link to my bios

ThanK you
Hello, please help me to unlock advanced bios for Lenovo 5 15IMH05H.

Product number:81Y600DTLT
Bios version:EFCN39WW
Bios link:
Hi, can someone help me unlock my laptop bios?

Legion 5 15IMH05H

Product number: 81Y6000DUS
Bios Version: EFCN52WW
Bios Link:
Hi sorry for my english, i am using translation.
I've been in the hackintosh community for many years, but I couldn't achieve this on my device, I guess it's because SATA can't be set to AHCI...
And this setting is available in the BIOS>Advanced menu, but I couldn't open this setting even though I tried all the functions I saw on the internet, besides, my BIOS file is in .exe format and I really won't be able to mod it.
Any help would be appreciated.
thanks in advance

Direct Link
Thanks, here the link for dump
(01-16-2022, 07:51 PM)Scax Wrote: hello,
Thanks, here the link for dump
Your mod completed. Check your messages

This mod for this notebook ONLY !!!
Thanks Dudu2002 for the mod everything work fine Smile
[Image: 20220117-194315.jpg]

Give some bucks for this guy if you ask him to help you ppl, the work is great and deserve it, for my case its lil bit strange but i will do my best also for donate.

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