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Old DELL OptiPlex G1 Slot1 to Tualatin

i think you have a lot of other problems but i would like to ask you for some help with my old dell optiplex g1 desktops (i´f got some of them). the gx serie runs on a tualatin but none of my g1 does. right, this are very old pc´s but i would like to get them running. and in the following link they says that it would work with this slotket???:

i guess the problem is only the bios. so i thought to flash the gx1 bios. but wenn i try to use the gx1_a07 (several forums say this a07 is the best one) or any other of the gx bioses it never worked. it stops with the comment: you cannot use a "dell system banff" bios in a "dell system durango".
- original p3-500
-i have 3 slotket ms6905 master , each with tua mod to fc-pga2. tested positiv in other systems.
-i have too 3 tuas 1200 and 1300 celeron
-g1 chipset 82443bx/zx
-phönix bios. i dont know any modding tools for phönix

every time blackscreen - no booting - cpu getting warm like normal.
whats to to now to get the tuas running on them? Any idea to bring the gx bios on it?

greatings from germany
You need TheWiz to take a look at this , CPU Modding is his speciality!

Can you provide some bios links for the g1 desktop and the one you want support from.

www find
I don´t know how the phoenix bios work, but in the old upgradeware site there was a special slocket for the DELL GX mainboard series.
SadI have two Dell GX1 computers that I am trying to upgrade to 1 Ghz with a Coppermine Intel P III using a supper slocket III. To do this I need to downgrade the BIOS from A10 to A07. I have downloaded the A07 BIOS from Dell but when I try to flash I get: cannot use a "dell system durango" bios in a "dell system banff". I have to assume that Dell is not really giving me the correct BIOS. The Dell GX1 is in fact identified as a system banff. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I've been trying to get an old HP Kayak XU800 workstation running on Slotket Tualatins. Any thoughts?
Currently have dual 1.0GHz Coppermines, but won't even post with the Slot Wonder risers in.
We are still looking deeper into the Dell CPU code setup, as it is unique from most CPU upgrades, but I will try my best to see if anything can be done.

www find
I have heard of some folks who were able to get the HP Kayak XM600 workstations to work with the Powerleap Slot Wonder Tualatin kits, but nothing can be found referencing the XU800. Initially, I was going to attempt "cross-flashing" the BIOS, utin I discovered that the XM600 uses the Intel 820 chipset, whereas the XU800 implements Intel's 840 chipset. It would probably have been a bad idea to do so, and I'm glad I decided against it.

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