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[Request] Zotac Magnus One AMI Bios unlock

1. It seem a version 2K210322 bios ,right?
2. Here is your mod.

Thank you. I figured it out.
There are strange parameters, not in wool, but in 'parrots')
Initially, I set pl1,pl2 to 9999 and there was a drop to 800MHz.
Then I put 99999 and everything was fine with TDP.
I don’t have much time, I can’t sit and study everything for a long time.
While I suffer with the blinking of the monitor (cables and monitors are working). I started thinking on UHD630.
And I can not raise the frequency of the processor above 4.3GHz.
Which owner can tell to what value, after unlocking Bios, the frequency rises to all cores i5 10600 normal and (K)?
Кто из владельцем может подсказать, до какого значения после разблокировки Bios поднимается частота на все ядра i5 10600 обычный и (K)?
Set 9999 = you limit it to 9.9w ,so it's not weird that cpu freq down to 800mhz.

Hey @genius239 ,

I have ONE magnus one BIOS left, than all my mini PCs are unlocked Smile Big Grin

Would appreciate your help, once again!

Try this mod. (This mod is for @igor244 only.)

Hello,@genius239 I will be very grateful to you if you have time to make a dump mod for me.Thank you so much!

I want to UnderVolt my CPU so I want unlock all the hidden menus on bios.

CPU-Z Mainboard Model:ZBOX-ECM73070C/53060C

I dump the bios with the tool you attached(f14.rar)

Best Regards

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 3.32 MB / Downloads: 1)

Try this modded then respond to the result. (This mod is only for @Linus929)

(07-03-2022, 07:05 PM)genius239 Wrote: @Linus929
Thanks a lot! It's fancinating!I managed to undervolt my Magnus One! How marvelous!

I really appreciate that you could squeeze time for me to mod!

The tab for overclocking and removing the limits of the turbo CPU is working very well and applied in the system.
Try this modded then respond to the result. (This mod is only for @Linus929)
It's ok ,you're welcome!

Rolleyes Hello, @genius239, I'd like to request a Bios unlocking for Overclocking (like hidden menu of multiplier, wattage setting, undervolting, xmp, etc)
and herewith i'm attaching the dump file of my magnus one's Bios. Thank you!

for the information, bios is the latest one (2K220617, ECM73070C MAGNUS ONE)

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 3.33 MB / Downloads: 1)

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