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In fact ,i can't fully understand and what's meaning from your description , it's hard to read.
Have you find the cmos circuit? something or pins do you short circuit on the motherboard? Before you do clear cmos ,you should unconnected all power cord and battery ,or there large chance to broken the motherboard.

If you can't process it ,send machine to asus service center is the best choice for you. According to the warranty rule ,asus should make a free repair for your laptop. Good luck!

Hi i just speak with asus and now woth gpvernment becouse yestarsay i start feel in my mouth heavy metal. I didnt kiss laptop and didnt tpuch and today i touch again laptop and again metal in my mouth laptop is open. This is first case that happend. Beware in california there is law that this is toxic. What need to write in this photo i cant attach here photo

In the momemt cant find it. Question how without cmos battery they safe it. I try this less than 40 sec. And still dont work.

I'm not a motherboard engineer or familiar with circuit ,but i know the feature of cmos battery is provide power to south bridge and cmos circuit when the machine is turn off, so it can keep the bios settings value.

So ,try to unconnected motherboard battery and power cord for a long time ,maybe it's a method ,if you feel it didn't contains a cmos battery.
But i think it should has.

Hello everybody! I`m searching a Bios Guru who can help with that problem!

I have laptop model FX506LH with i5 10300h GTX1650 and bios version 310. Whant to ask can someone correct my bios dump to unlock undervolting for ThrottleStop? See some solves for i5 9300h and more laptop on lenovo\acer but didn't fint actule "true" metod to model FX506LH. And plese some link to instuction of flashing dump files in system Smile

Also have a question, did there changes destroyed when my system receive in future new update bios 311?

link to dump file:
Hello, I would like to request a BIOS mod for this laptop to enable all hidden/locked features/menus in the BIOS, specifically BIOS version 310, the latest.

There has been another thread with this BIOS already, but it remained private, and the user was inexperienced and had issues with his display after changing a setting.

So, would it be possible to make a bios, and let it be available for anyone with this popular laptop?

Laptop Specs:
CPU: Intel i5 10300H (10th Gen Comet Lake)
Chipset: HM470
Integrated Graphics: UHD Graphics (Connected via eDP to laptop screen) (default output)
Discreet Graphics: nVidia GTX1650 4GB RAM

Many thanks in advance

EDIT: Why has my request been merged into a dead thread that has not been replied to in a year? This thread also went nowhere. This decision makes no sense.
i want to unlock my bios because I want to turn on xmp
Please i NEED all settings mod bios Asus tuf F15 FX506LH

link my bios dump:
(07-26-2021, 11:15 AM)genius239 Wrote: There should only GeForce GTX 1650 Ti video output on this laptop ,no design lanes for intel uhd graphic. 
Or you can see the intel hd graphic in device manager? I only can see the GTX 1650 on fx506li's specification ,no intel uhd graphic included.

Do you set "Primary Display" to auto?

I think it should has a cmos battery on the motherboard , you just didn't find it yet. You may spend a while to find it.

Below is some samples for clear cmos in asus laptop  that you could refer.
Hello I also have a fx506lh hn004t could you send me the link of the bios modded if you please, thank you and good evening / day
fx506lh bios unlock

Attached Files
.rar   dump.rar (Size: 4.7 MB / Downloads: 24)
Please help unlock bios

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