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[REQUEST] Acer Aspire One AO756 BIOS Unlock

So, I'm looking for someone to help me with unlocking the BIOS for my netbook, an Aspire One AO756. 

Model: Aspire One Series Q1VZV



Current BIOS Version: 2.13

I have a couple of reasons for needing an unlocked BIOS. For one, although I haven't upgraded to 2.21 yet (I'd have to do the rigamarole of installing Windows again, ugh!), I have a hunch that the updated version won't allow me to fiddle around with Secure Boot. I've been trying to install Fedora 29 on here for testing, and quite unexpectedly it does not allow me to select a signed executable to trust because presumably because Fedora is signing the image themselves, not Microsoft. Woohoo. 

I would also like the option of turning Secure Boot off while still using UEFI. I have a Broadcom network adapter, and when used in Linux with the UEFI enabled, there's this whole workaround that's necessary just to get the driver to load up at boot time instead of five minutes latter after twiddling your thumbs staring at your desktop. If there are any limitations on the chipset, I'd like to get rid of those. 

My final request is that whoever does the mod kindly share the steps they took to do it with me. As a hardware journalist, I'd like to turn this into a side project to show people what they can do to get old hardware working better, or fix problems they encounter on their own, without needing to wait on the manufacturer. Everyone should have the right to repair their stuff, and I'd like to help show them that.

Hi there, 

could someone unlock my bios (power & advanced tab) & tell me where the check for these things is?
I tried to do it but somehow i could not find out where the compare is

Hi, could someone mod the bios of this netbook for me please?
Name: Acer Aspire One AO756-
Model name: Q1VZC
BIOS: InsydeH20 UEFI Rev. 3.7 2.21 for Acer.
CPU: Intel Celeron 877.
Chipset: Intel HM70.

Digging around with UEFITool and IRFExtractor i noticed 2 hidden menus: Advanced and Power, someone could enable those 2 menu apart from Information,Main,Security,Boot,Exit ?

Sorry for bad English, and sorry if a broke some rules(I hope no), why is my first Thread/Request. (I don't know why i can't uploads the Screenshot of the BIOS Sorry.)
Thumbs Up 
I found this little gem a while ago while thrifting.
It had a broken screen and was just well-used. I cleaned it, replaced the screen and BIOS battery and gave it some love. Smile

Now it would be nice to squeeze as much speed out of it as possible, so an unlocked (Power and Advanced Tabs) BIOS would be great!
I've already tried the BIOS mentioned here, but it always errors out: "ROM file not found"

Could someone experienced please help me?

Here are the Original BIOS files:

Acer Aspire One 756 Q1VZC from Oct 2012
BIOS v1.09


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