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[REQUEST] Acer Aspire One AO756 BIOS Unlock
need to have menus unlocked for bios. willing to test after modification made.
also i am more than willing to learn how to modify insydesw bios, if anyone is willing to give me a rundown on how to do so i catch on pretty quick and already have an array of software for editing bios.

link to bios:

btw i forgot to add, the chipset i have is the HM70, so after you extract the zip file you will find it listed in the dos folder as HM70x64.fd
I too have found a need for Acer A0756 with HM70 chipset to be unlocked. Angry Huh Sad I am not one who usually will do something so extreme but I need at these features to disable and to enable the Sata HD. I want to boot from USB without interference from the Sata drive. I am not sure but I believe this is my only true way to get over this problem other than opening up the netbook and disconnecting the HD. If someone can help or has a better solution I am willing learn. Cool

Here is the link to the latest BIOS for my Acer netbook as of today. One&Step3=AO756&OS=8cn1&LC=en&BC=Acer&SC=PA_4

Thank you far any help you can offer! Smile
i have a acer 756 to but one with efi bios ? this is the bios : download

could someone please unlock this or help me find a compatible ezh20 editior

thank you all for the work you put in to this forum
Same here.
I have the "office" version (Travelmate B113-e) that is the same board with a different panel (matte) and other minor differences (a miniPCIe card with WiFi/Bluetooth-ABGN instead of Bluetooth-BGN being one of there).
There are currently two bios "lines", 1.xx (crippled with no UEFI support) and 2.xx (crippled with UEFI with enforced security... no UEFI linux support et al).
There's no fast boot (don't check for USB at boot) option either.

It's frustrating having a small, handy and, well, cheap portable restricted to a slow BIOS startup.
Anyone who got the skill to unlock this bios?

I need the fan control because the fan is making a lot of noise at my aspire 756

For all who read this here and also own a aspire:

Can you please look if your aspire 756 got a an fan with short or long gills?
because i think, that the short gills does a lot of noise!
if you got a aspire with long gills please tell me!
i wanted to know if the fan with the long gills also has this noisy noise?

long gills:

short gills:
Acer Aspire One AO756 it's a netbook, I'm trying to change it's DVM settings.

Link to BIOS >

Sorry the images are so small, was limited to 500 kb?

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Here you go. Unlocked the Advanced and Power tabs Big Grin

And I always appreciate donations Blush
Ah crap, I tried installing and realized (Thanks to insydeFlash telling me, and looking at version numbers) the version I had linked too was wrong, I'm sorry about that. The version that I actually need is in the link below. If you could try and do that one too, it would be appreciated. Either way, once I get paid this week I'm throwing some money your way for the work, thank you.
Someone please help me mod insydeh2o rev 3.7
i have same issue like other can not acces advanced tab. i need for add vram. i have 4GB ram but video memory only 128mb.
[edit]: I got it thanks

download here my result.rar by BACKUP tools12

download here my bios rom by universal bios backup

My Original Bios here

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(02-08-2014, 03:22 PM)donovan6000 Wrote: Here you go. Unlocked the Advanced and Power tabs Big Grin

And I always appreciate donations Blush

i have same acer and biosbut i can't instal this mod because error rom file not found

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