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GigaByte GA-945GZM-S2 rev. 6.6 & Pentium Dual-Core
Try to flash my mod.
Bravo, my friend! Flashed your latetest mod and CPU is running at it's full speed! Benchmarks hugely improved. Remarkable!

I'm attaching some images that might be useful.

Thank you very much for your time and effort! Best Regards!

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
your bios mod is awesome, I have same mb spec 945gz rev6.6 using E7300. everything is fine, dynamic voltage and full cpu muliplier with speedstep worked. The day after it won't post I have to put E5800 on this board and it boot fine, I reflash stock bios and I can use E7300 normally, cpu multiplier is only x6. the question is this modded bios is special only for E5800 or for all CPU? I want it to run E7300. And the overclock feature in this bios is poor, can you add some features in 945gcmx f6i bios to 945gz f2?
My mod should work with all 45-nm dual-core CPUs for LGA775.
Thank You
My E6500 cpu didn't post, E7300 will crash after shutdown and power on many times I think this board not suitable for 1066mhz. Intel spec say it support 800mhz and how gigabyte can manage it to run on 1066mhz fsb on some cpu, and 945gc spec is 1066 but gigabyte also add some 1333mhz fsb dual core cpu to support list in latest bios. I'm used to use best 945gcmx-s2 board, except ram limit and it auto set 2v ram when fsb exceed 10mhz than origin, this bios settings is good enough to overclock any cpu. Can you add some BIOS feature and latest microcode from 945gcmx f6i bios to 945gz f2 bios (custom voltage control is important than everything)? 945gz bios settings are quite limited. If I try to push fsb 10mhz more than original, ram voltage will be 2v and I worried about fry my ram but I still want to squeeze this board. can you also remove this '2v' for me?
(11-13-2023, 11:21 AM)lolvatveo Wrote: Can you add some BIOS feature...
Offtopic is not allowed
okay, the ontopic is that bios can't use pentium e6500 and core 2 e7300 as well, I don't know if it can fix.
Can I flash other chipset Bios like 945gc to my mb? Do you know any case the mobo bricked after flash other bios chipset varient, like flash b365b bios chipset to b365a mobo with same mb manufacturer.
I'm a poor people so I'm stuck with this crap pc and I want to squeeze it as much as possible, I'd love to receive any help. I will be very grateful and thanks in advance
At first flash my old mod.
your old mod is no longer available, ideafix mod don't have any "mod": all my cpu not in support list e58,65,7300 only run at ×6 multiplier. I tried installing the e6500 cpu many times with your latestt mod, removing the cmos battery many times and it finally posted. but before that I tried flashing the current Bios mod one more time and then went into settings and loaded the default settings, I didn't do this until I reflash your mod, it wouldn't post with 4gb dual channel 800mhz, only 2gb 667mhz dual channel was accepted. If I put 4gb 800mhz to 945 board (&e5800 cpu), ram usable is only 3,2gb but 4gb 667mhz is full usable I've known someone find out on the net. I feel 800mhz cause lagger, not suitable for this board so I try to buy dual 1gb 667, smoother. Now everything worked like charm, just the overclocking settings were poor. I confirm 945gz can run up to 367mhz bclk and fsb 1468mhz.see

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