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[REQUEST] Acer EG31M / ECS G31T-M2 unlock
I have an Acer EG31M motherboard, which is the same as an ECS G31T-M2 (also an OEM only deal) that despite being a simple G31 board uses an ICH7DH southbridge, which supports AHCI.

I've tested this BIOS and it ""works"" but as it's for another board its too broken for it to be viable solution (i lose the 2nd serial port, 1394 controller generates an irq conflict, fan control works weirdly at best...) but at least i know the hw is capable of doing AHCI.

Can AHCI be unlocked on this BIOS P01-A3 from a Veriton M265? To my knowledge this is the newest for this board that was used in a multitude of computers, by Acer and by Fujitsu-Siemens too from 2007 to 2010ish.
I'm mostly after AHCI, but if there is anything worthwhile to be unlocked while in there that'll be wonderful (and that's why i write here rather than in the ahci subsection)

Thank you

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(02-05-2024, 04:36 PM)wololo Wrote: Can AHCI be unlocked on this BIOS P01-A3 from a Veriton M265?
I tried to add sata mode in place of lan controller item.
sata mode is marked as Ext. function, which means its visibility is conditioned. If the item won't be visible, an additional change should be made.
[Image: sata-mode.jpg]
Wow thank you, I wasn't expecting such a quick reply.
I'll test it tomorrow and I'll let you know if it works.

Thanks again!
I can confirm it works perfectly.

Thank you!
(02-07-2024, 03:18 PM)wololo Wrote: I can confirm it works
As the mod was successful, today I added 'Throttle Slow Clock Ratio' item to the Standart Features page.
(02-05-2024, 10:51 PM)Maxinator500 Wrote:
There is no other really useful features.
Just one more thing, I don't know if it's feasible and how much work is involved so feel free to tell me to go away.
Now in the SATA Mode menu you unlocked there are the three choices, IDE, AHCI and RAID. As there isn't enough space to add the Matrix Storage Manager OROM in the BIOS (and even if there was, ICH7 soft raid leaves a lot to be desired at best) would it be possibile to hide the RAID option so that Sata Mode only shows IDE and AHCI?

Thanks again
(02-08-2024, 02:52 PM)wololo Wrote: would it be possibile to hide the RAID option so that Sata Mode only shows IDE and AHCI?
I could send you a special version, but whats the point of removing raid? Why just not touch this option?

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