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Support for mobile athlon64 4000+
Thanks guys, I appreciate the links.
www find
Before flashing my chip I tryed to open the modded bios you posted with mmtool 3.22 BKMOD but I got this error message "error loading ROM Image file (1007FFh)".
I downloaded your .zip file, I had extract it with winrar, renamed 258ka5.105 in 258ka5.rom and finally I had tried to open it with mmtool, AMIBPC and DMIEDIT but always with error messages....
So, first to flash my mobo I would like to know if there is the possibility that file is corrupted.
yes seems something has gone wrong , i shall try and get you another working mod Smile

Retry the download link , ive reintegrated the P6 Microcode and added a couple of CPU Patches into it and it still opens up with MMTOOL afterwards!

Best of luck! Big Grin

SOrry for long time but I was out cause work Dodgy ...
I have flash your bios but..nothing change Sad
CPU boots always at 800 mhz (200x4).
If you are able to unlock all the hidden setup of my bios, may be I can manually set multiplier.....can you try?
In the meanwhile I have extract single line arch bios, extract DSDT table and decompiled it with IASL..but I haven't found any reference to voltage or pstate, etc.. Sad Sad
Do you know if is there a way to finde relations between the core stepping of the cpu and each cpu patch of microcode?
May be some useful information. To add support for a new processor, usually do not need to update the CPU microcode. The CPU microcode is useful only to fix bugs that may be present in the internal code of the CPU. I compared two versions of AMI BIOS: in the second was added only the support for a CPU with higher frequency. Pulling out all the modules of the two bios and comparing them with an hex editor, I found that:
- both bios do not contain cpu microcode;
- between modules I found difference only in SMBIOS (that contains the header of the bios) and in Single Link Arch. So, normally, in SIngle Link Arch Module is added support for a new cpu. . I then tried to extract dsdt and to compare the two, but I'm not able to understand the differences to understand the operation ....

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