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m70vn Core 2 duo to Quad core
Hello i'm writing from germany,

I have a laptop with a dual core cpu it's the p7350 and i want to install an Q9100 it's the same socket p but my bios doesn't support it. Can anyone patch my bios so that it's support quad core? ( sorry for my english)

my bios :
having difficulty finding another machine (that preferably uses an aMI bios too!) that takes the Q9100 , doesnt seem like a common model , asus cpu support finder doesnt list any asus machines or boards that take it , neither does msi's cpu support finder

I found one thats supports quad core. it's from a asus laptop .

bios :

what i have to do now?
Sorry but i thought these were AMI bioses , there actually Insyde and we are still working out how microcode updates are done on these bioses Sad

i could find an other one, but what i have to do then?
Hello everybody,

me too I have an Asus M70Vn, and I need too a patched BIOS that supports the Q9100

Your help will be very appreciated, thanks a lot!!

I'm French

My bios is the same that ender28, v206.

[Image: img_111053_0.gif]
It must be possible to run an Quad Core on the M70Vn
Here is an Asus Laptop with PM45 Chipset and a Intel Core 2 Quad, a QX9300:

it supports the following Intel Core 2 Duo: P8400, P8600, T9400 & T9600
and the following Intel Quad Core: QX9300

here is the BIOS:

and here is a screenshot showing the CPU Microcode in G71V BIOS version 212:
[Image: 9w9f_bioscpug71v.jpg]

compare with the CPU Microcode of M70Vn BIOS version 206:
[Image: ergj_bioscpu_m70vn.jpg]
if I'm right, the line 05 is corresponding to my P8600 CPU (compare with data given by Intel CPU Identification Tool)

it seems that's the same CPU Microcode, exact?
what do you think? can you help us to mod the BIOS

I search an AMIBIOS of an Asus Laptop that supports the Q9100 (and have the microcode of this CPU)

I believe I found one: they said here, it can be supports (with BIOS of course) the Q9100!
here it is, the G72Gx (P43 chipset):

here is the BIOS:

and the screenshot for CPU Microcode in BIOS v602:
[Image: 2hi6_bioscpug72gx.jpg]

can you take a look?
I mean, I don't how to link a CPU Microcode to the specific CPU Model


EDIT: the Q9100 is not in the list!
the CPU-ID of socket P (478) is (01)067Ah
see here

RE-EDIT: I must read better:
the CPUID for Q9100 (and all Q9xxx) is in fact (01)067A(h) or 1067A -
mine CPUID, P8600 is 10676 (for M0 revision that I have) or 1067A (for R0 revision)

very confusing!

so? it mean BIOS can support or no?
I want to test

[Image: img_111053_0.gif]
i read the wikipedia page, so the p7350 is 0676 and the q9100 is 067a. that is what i understood and if the picture is right from the m70vn bios then our bios should support the q9100, I'm i right?
(12-04-2010, 04:38 PM)ender28 Wrote: i read the wikipedia page, so the p7350 is 0676 and the q9100 is 067a. that is what i understood and if the picture is right from the m70vn bios then our bios should support the q9100, I'm i right?

that what I understand too ender28, but it's not sure

now look at this
for P8600:
[Image: 8md9_pcwizard.jpg]
[Image: 1dc5_cpuz-m70vn.jpg]

for T9400:
[Image: h7lx_t9400.jpg]

for T9600, T9800 & T9900:
[Image: 6vb4_t9600.jpg]
[Image: y1mg_t9800.jpg]
(see here)
[Image: fviu_t9900boost.jpg]
(see here)

and now to finish:
the Q9100:
[Image: vqw4_cpuz1_q9100_01.jpg]

and the QX9300:
[Image: tnip_qx93001.jpg]

you see the difference?
me, nope

you see ender28, nothing is sure about compatibility (T9600, etc are same CPU-ID than Q9100 abd QX9300!!!)

[Image: img_111053_0.gif]
look at "Steppings using 45 nm process"
T9000 P9000 SP9000 SL9000 Q9000 QX9000 are in the same Gap.

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