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acer s81m
mobo= acer s81m with intel 845 chipset
acer bios=
donor bios, intel p16=
.rar   rgap16ib.rar (Size: 720.34 KB / Downloads: 2) (was a .exe from intel, i had to change it to a .rar to upload but you still need to extract it then extract sw.exe, theres a bunch of what appear to be .bins but ill let you be the judge of that)

also my mobo only supports 400MHz and the processors i want put in are either 533mhz or 800mhz (p4 1.8ghz and 3ghz w/ht respectably) i know the 3ghz wont work cause it needs a newer chipset but the 2.8 should work, that is if there isint a problem with the mhz already. more details on my bios here
Intel use their own special format , please give me a donor bios thats not intel Tongue

i knew it was too easy when i went to the intel site to check the chipset and they listed there mobo's with that chip set. anyways heres a msi 850e MAX bios
Here you go , the modded one you posted with the microcode from the MSI bios Smile

Good Luck!

(01-05-2011, 06:41 AM)1234s282 Wrote: Here you go , the modded one you posted with the microcode from the MSI bios Smile

Good Luck!


thanks! but it still wont boot with a upgraded cpu.vit looks like im hardware limited to a 400mhz fsb and there's no over clocking bios options and by what i looked at everything is unlocked. now to see if there's a hardware option for that. anyone here know of something while i search? im a fearless solderer that can solder 0603 sm and do very fine trace repair on a regular basis
wow. [censored] up on my part. i gave u a link to the wrong donor. i should of gave u the link to the 845E Max2 BUT, my research has brought me to the conclusion that theres not much i can do. i have the intel 845 chipset, the one that supports 400mhz max. the 845E chipset can handle up to 533mhz. heres a link to a msi 845e bios if theres still something you can do
no link? and if its a chipset limitation then theres not a lot we can do Sad

hmmm. it seems i forgot to hit paste. but since it wont work i wont worry about finding it. thanks anyways for all that you have done

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