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Asus EEE PC 1015B Aptio Bios S.H.E
Hello, I've been working out on a Asus 1015B Bios.

It's a Aptio AMI Bios.
Since it's a ASUS, it support's Super Hybrid Engine. (Stock = 100mhz fsb, super performance mode = 103mhz). So I unlocked this Bios. It worked well.
Randomly I've been searching on the net for a way to overclock the 1015B, because the C-50 Processor doesn't rly playback 1080p well.

Stock Link:

Anyways, I found a Bios on the Net with a change to 106mhz fsb.
It worked well.


I tried to compare 103mhz bios (stock) with 106mhz bios and I couldn't find any difference.
Is there any way to achieve higher fsb clock BIOS'es for this Netbook?
If yes, where do I have to look for Super Hybrid Engine Settings in that BIOS.
Strings/DMI Tables?

It might help: I used AMIBCP v4.5 for unlocking/comparing Bios.
It supports Aptio.

Thanks in Advance,

I would like a link to the unlocked BIOS.

Could you post it here?

I just flashed the 107FSB BIOS and it seems to be fine. Wish I could increase it further
Yes, Bios Attached!
(fully unlocked, 1015B Bios:309 FSB: 107)

Replying on your E-Mail, there was a difference in performance.

But I compared the 107 BIOS to Stock with AMIBCP v4.5 and Hex Editor.

I could'nt find any difference, but some kind of way that person had to implement/change some values in order to get 107mhz.

I'm desperate, aiming for at least 115-120 mhz.
I think that's something for a "Hex" Geek. Smile
Anyways, new bios 401 is useless. It doesn't allow to undervolt via Brazos Tweaker Sad
So I'll stay with 309. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Attached Files
.rom   1015B.ROM (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 27)
Thanks for the BIOS!!!

Sorry bout the email, didn't realise I could have just posted here Smile

I was planning to unlock the 107FSB BIOS but then I couldn't find AMIBCP. I found one but it was version 3 and couldn't open the BIOS file..

Thanks again

My Brazos tweaker runs fine. I had aleady UV'ed it in my 0309 before going to 0401, so my UV stayed. I still cannot figure out a way to use it to overclock.

My UV is 0.815 for P1 and 0.925 for P0. Runs fine for me.

I should also warn you that the fan on this laptop can make noise after a while. Mond sounded like a tractor then I opened it up, lubricated the fan, and then it is dead silent again.

Nice to hear that everything works.
My Fan doesn't rattle. MIght've just been your 1015B. Smile
C-50 performance at 1070mhz is quite good, but I won't more!
I think that little baby can handle 1200-1300mhz at 1.0Vcore.

But I don't know, where to change values for Super Hybrid Engine.
Hope someone can help us on this thread.


I think we should start a thread in notebookreview forum as there are a ton of laptop pro's there.

What say you?
Yes, definitely.

But well, let's see if anyone can help us here @bios-mods.

Done already, here is the link to the thread:

Try to make an account and join me there Smile
Before i got this netbook, i came across a fella online who managed to flash his bios with the 1015bx 1.3ghz bios.. Now i cant find that webby.. Any idea if this will really works??
Is it possible to load and flash the bios also if you have lost the bios password ?
If yes , how ? Hve tried with ctrl + 2nd function + home but doesn't work.


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