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AM3 Support on a xps 625 oem AM2 +Board
Hello I hope you can help me Big Grin

I have an xps 625 and want to upgrade the bios, currently i have a Phenom 9850 BE.

The cpu i was looking at is a Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2, the socket is compatible (i think) but the bios I don't think is. I know some Phenom II are compatible with the existing bios but the 955 and 965 are a revision that needs a bios upgrade. As you know oem are terrible regarding bios updates the latest bios is dated 17th March 2009.

here is there link to latest Dell bios

i used everest to find out more detail on the bios and it is a ami bios with AGESA Version (i think this is the part of the bios that makes the cpu compatible??? am i right, not sure though Huh

I done a little hunting round to find other motherboards with the same chipset as it has been fruitless in my search for the oem manufacturer.

this is a link to another manufacturer with the same chipset thats on my board with a list of bios updates including support for AM3 and the AGESA Version is different AGESA Version

sorry the post is so long, i hope you can help here is a link to my original post at guru3d where daytripper67mi was kind enough to link me to you

Hey, this should be no problem, but I can't seem to get a bios image extracted out of the download. Ccan you attach or upload the ROm file.

www find
hey wiz thanks for replying,

the bios is all i could get, is there a way that i can possibly get the from rom file from my computer?
if there is could you explain how then i will upload it.

thanks again Smile
You can download Winflash and make a backup copy and attach it in a zip.

www find
ok on it now

hi again wiz sorry for the double post,

have you got a link for winflash im running win7 64bit?

searched for it on google but there is a loads of a lot of rubbish out there

thanks again

edit: i can boot into xp if that helps

ok wiz i think this is correct, i used the ami bios utility to extract the rom, i have attached the rom

thanks once again

Attached Files
.rar   xps625.rar (Size: 674.56 KB / Downloads: 11)
Nice work, I have some other requests to process, but I promise I won't forget yours.

www find
Thanks wiz,

really happy that you want to help so no rush, dunno whether there are any other things you can unlock in the bios.
anyway be really happy if you can sort the cpu compatibility out.

Can you confirm that this is an AMI bios. If it is I will need some additional time to figure this out, because the AMI proccess is MUCH harder than the AWARD and requires a bit of time.

www find
Hi wiz

yep its an ami bios 2.61, here is a link to a pdf format of the options

some of the options are not available in mine ie the southbridge plus others, like I said no rush for it, must admit i'm shitting a brick about flashing it anyway lol
be happy to donate as well, I'm sure you would do it free anyhows but hosting the website ain't free so be happy too Smile

btw a quick question would i use the ami bios utility to flash the modified rom or is there a safer option?

thanks again
Yes, I have the same issue, XPS 625 with exactly the same model number and mobo S/N as beezley, needing AM3 support Sad

Weird, because when I google the model number of the mobo I get "Bluwater", but all my cables are labeled as Foxconn.

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