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Uniwill 258KA0 Turion support

could pleeeeease someone modify Bios 1.05 from of the mainboard 258ka0 to support also Turion CPUs?
Till now it only supports up to Athlon 4000+ and Sempron...

Such a modification would be great! The very similar Bios file 255KI3/259KI3 has allready also been modded to support Turion. So it should also be possible with 258ka0, i guess.

Thank you very much.
please post a link to the modified Bios file 255KI3/259KI3 so we can replicate the mod to add Turion Support to the 258ka0

Indeed, it would be great to have this bios modded. Thanks to 1234s282!
Hey, last Bios 1.05 from Uniwill Website for 255ki3 has Turion support. It was added at version 1.04, as version 1.02 wasn't supporting Turion for sure! I tried all bios versions for both models, so i know.

Would be great, if you could find out how to do it. Someone allready did it before, as you can read here:,273,-Amilo-A-1630.html
but he's not active in this forum anymore, so impossible to get his version...
Ok , so ive got hold of the 255ki3 1.05 bios. It contains cpu codes for 3 cpu's. The CPU ID'ss are 0048 , 004A and 0150. One of these is Turion but i dont know which.

I downloaded the v1.05 of the 258KA0 bios and looked for the cpu codes. Now i discovered something strange - both bioses have identical CPU codes in them!

I then noticed a module called P6 Micro Code , which was a different size and in a different place in each bios. Ive extracted this from the 255ki3 bios and replaced the one in the 258KA0 with the one from 255ki3.

Flash this at your own risk and realise that you may end up bricking your motherboard!!

Regards , and good luck!

The P6 integration ROm replacement is ESSENTIAL to the upgrade proccess, so it should be good Big Grin.

www find
First, i really want to thank you. I can't try it during the next days, as my Amilo A1630 is at my parents house and I first need to bring it home. As soon as i tried it, i will let you know.

How big is the chance, that i will crash my motherboard? I'll give it a try for sure, but there's still a small fear, as I'm student and value for this Notebook is still 250,-€... Big Grin
The chance is 50/50 - either it works or it doesnt!!!

However , as this is an Ami bios , the chances of recovering the bios if something goes wrong is higher than if it was a phoenix or insyde bios

Its up to you whether you decide to flash our mods

Kind Regards
Well guys,

i flashed your bios now, but nothing changed.
Laptop still boots, that's really good, but Turion is still shown as "AMD Athlon/Opteron or unknown CPU -> System halted"

Is there something else, you can try?
I would wait for TheWiz , he is more knowledgeable on this subject than me!


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