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Uniwill 258KA0 Turion support
I have a friend who is giving me some great info on the AMI stuff, so Ill get back to you on this.

www find

i'm a bit afraid, that we'll get forgotten.

Just that this can not happen, i searched for other Amilo Notebooks that are very similar to Amilo A1630 with 258ka0 Bios and that have Turion support included.

For Example here's a Uniwill Bios File for A1667g that supports Turion:
and for the same notebook there's a file from Fujitsu Siemens:

So maybe it's easier for you to modify the Fujistu Bios Files, then the Uniwill ones?

What i found out, is that all those Notebooks support Turion CPUs:

Fujitsu Siemens Bios Files you'll find here:

By the way, also the chipset SIS 755 can not be the reason, why it says unknown cpu, as you can see at this page below. There are some other Mainboards with SIS 755 Chipset as well, that support Turion. So maybe it would be also an option to compare also those bios files:
ASRock K8S8X Rev.1.03 2.10 SiS755
ECS 755-A2 1.0g SiS755
Can you verify whether any of these models have the same exact chipset that support Tutrion. If so, I'll just swap with the one that has support.

www find
NVM, found it in your link, just be prepared, sometimes these mods don't go so well.


Also, this thread ou mentioned doesn't reference anything about being able to mod this bios to support Turion's,273,-Amilo-A-1630.html

I'm using this ASRock K8S8X Rev.1.03 2.10 SiS755 as my model, but the last bios update was 10/2005. Are you sure Tutrion is included that far back?
www find
Updae: The microcode is the same in the bioses that you've shown me, suggesting either those other links don't support Turion or the coding update is embedded.

www find
@TheWiz: At the link,273,-Amilo-A-1630.html this User RaptorMX says he made a modified bios, that supports turion now, for Amilo A1630 which is that Laptop with this mainboard 258ka0.

I really don't know what you mean by microcode, or what a microcode is.

So the fact is, that Bios 1.05 from 258ka0 still doesn't detect AMD Turion. It allways says "unknown cpu". Also your first mod didn't change something. So maybe there's allready the turion microcode in this bios 1.05 but something else doesn't work!? Then in all those bioses there must be all these 3 different microcodes, right?

Or wtf is the difference then between those bios files, that support this cpu, like P50CA ( ) and 255ki3 ( ) from Uniwill website and my bios file 258KA0 ( ) that is the only one that doesn't support turion???
The only difference is that first two have SIS760 Chipset and mine has SIS755 Chipset. That's why i send you the links to those other mainboards, that also have SIS755 Chipset.

If you go to Fujitsu Siemens Page, you'll find Notebook Amilo A1640. For this Notebook a1640 (Uniwill 255ki3) you'll find several Bios Files there. They clearly write, that at version 1.03 Turion support was added. So maybe you can compare bios 1.02c ( ) and 1.03c ( ) of Amilo A1640 to see, what exactly they changed and you can do this change also with my A1630 (Uniwill 258ka0).

Other stuff that i found are two mods for k8s8x with SIS755 Chipset:
Can one pursue 258ka0 with Turion?
Is there a Bios for the Board?

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