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K52JB Bios unlock iGPU graphic
Hi, nearly two years ago i bought an Asus K52JB notebook that have both intel i3 CPU (with integrated GPU) and ATI 5145 as a dGPU. The problem is that i haven't been able during this two year to enable the intel i3 GPU (that i will use for improving battery life), but i can actually only use the Ati gpu. The bios (AMI) obviously contains few option, none referring to enabling the iGPU.

So i've tried to edit bios setting from AMIBCP 4.53 but the program show all the option unlocked even if in reality they are hidden. So i don't know seriously how to make the igpu working, i know that it's requested the presence of a mux chip between chipset and LCD to get the iGPU (and the switching between dgpu e igpu) working, but since i don't know if the chip is present, i can only try to enable the igpu and see if the switch works.

Some of you could help me with this? Thanks

This is the link to the bios, directly from asus website: (the bios is 208)
Ok, i found an option in the Northbridge Settings that let me to switch the graphic mode from Auto to "SG" (Switchable Graphic) and so i flashed the bios. The result was no video even if i could ear the windows loading and the computer working. So the problem is simply that asus hasn't put the mux chip that is required for the switch to work. I've write this so other people that have this computer and want to know if their laptop has the switchable graphic capability, now have the answer.

However i found that the failsafe settings does not work, so to recover the video on my pc i've used dos with AFLASH2 and this command to flash the standard bios making the process completely automatic: aflash2 /auto:biosfilename /force

The thread can be closed.

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