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[REQUEST] Lenovo Ideadpad N581 Whitelist removal
Well, it is recoverable using external hardware to reprogram the BIOS...

Settings i made never so hard that bios bricks.. For example set ram speed to 1600mhz..cause i have it... Cant understood this....what u mean extern al Hardware
The settings you mess were originally hidden, wich means that lenovo may or may not have coded the functions in a way that it would work, because no one was supposed to access then in first place... this is why it is tricky to change hidden settings...

Ah ok, thx... Is there another option for rescue or...!?
taking it to lenovo, if have warranty, lie to them, tell it stopped suddenly... they'll replace the mobo.
take it to them, they'll most probably want to replace mobo to fix, tell you fried the BIOS and only need replacement of it...

Hmmm [censored] it! First i try some other things... Cut the battery of.. (got one who can fix it if it works)could u tell me if the crisis recovery works even when no battery (not the cmos) is inserted? And one hope i got i saw usb activity on my hdd @ crisis recovery...ive read a lot that many got problems with usb pen manufacturer for use in crisis recovery

// had to do some real life stuff continue later the rescue

// ok theres is activity @ usb but only on hdd after 10sec of holding fn+b the led is short on... But then Nothing... Dont know why. Used the rescue name that andystool showed..
It happens with all lenovos... usb stick activity but no flashing

With all lenovos with mod bricked bios?
course not... but crisis mode recovery does not work on them

On the Motherboard is the name QIWG5_G6_G9 and QIWG9 is the most used... Do not match with the regular recovery name maybe this is the reason why it not works..

Btw: i got the one of the poles from the rtc bat off without to cut tooks some time...

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