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Request CPU support i7 7700 for H170-p/G20CB/DP_MB

I would be deeply grateful if anyone of you could help me out here. Since I'm too novice I would't dare go into BIOS editing as of yet.

I have a ASUS ROG G20CB with the following motherboard H170-p/G20CB/DP_MB. Chipset is H170 and CPU socket LGA 1151. 
The CPU I want to install is a Core i7-7700 (3.6GHz, 4C, HT, L3:8M, Intel HD 600 series, 65W, rev.B0). This motherboard is a small form factor one but I have seen that Asus has added support to their other ATX MB's with same chipset H170 for this processor.

My thoughts are that maybe this one could be a good donor BIOS, it's from the H170-PRO.

The latest BIOS release installed that I have is this one:

I did make a try to install the i7 7700 3,6 ghz CPU, the computer booted but nothing at all happened not even the UEFI BIOS showed up.

The CPU that came with the computer was an i7 6700 skylake 3,4 ghz.

So what do you think guys and girls is this possible to solve?  Smile

PS BIOS is American Megatrends UEFI

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Thoughts anyone? Is it possible to change the BIOS to add Kaby Lake support. Socket is the same LGA 1151.

Got this answer from ASUS


When / if an update comes that makes the motherboard suitable for Kabylake processors, I can know sorry.
It is no priority to us since we have no support for modifications of the hardware.
So unfortunately, I can not notify you when / if that update will come to this computer.

Best Regards,
Nicklas A

Of course I understand they want to sell their newest models that already am sold with the Kaby Lake processor.
Is it difficult or even possible to do myself? Or is anyone willing to help?
It's too difficult and too expensive work.
Ok, thank you for thoughts and feedback!

Maybe I'm better off selling the I7 7700 then or maybe I should keep it and Keep hoping for a compatibility update from ASUS. I'll be focusing on doing other things to upgrade then. Thus far it's been installed an nvme Samsung 1 TB, 1080 Gtx, 32 gb' of RAM. Thinking maybe I'm better of putting that money on a larger capacity SATA SSD. We'll see.

Are you still looking for a BIOS that supports Kaby Lake on you G20CB? I'm a software engineer, so I can modify the latest BIOS for the G20CB, and add Kaby Lake acrhitecture from a BIOS of a H170 motherboard which got the Kaby Lake support, I can write the microcode for your BIOS.

I would recommend you use an USB SPI rom programmer and flash the bios of the next model up being a ROG GR8 II, and see what happens. Its possible they haven't changed much in the design of the motherboard for the bios roms to be compatible. I once flashed a rom from one similar Asus motherboard with the same chipset onto another using a SPI programmer and the board booted up no problem. Unfortunately I doubt you could force flash the rom from one to another unless there is a command line option I'm not familiar with. Though be prepared to possibly brick the board if it not work. Not sure if the GR8 is an H270 chipset as well. Think that would be your best bet.
Do you have a custom bios to support this?
Hi guys,

First post on here. I bought a new ASUS ROG G20CB-DB71-GTX1070 with a i7-6700K 3.4Ghz CPU.
I am having some bottenecking emulators and I'd like to upgrade the CPU.
I have upgraded the BIOS from build date 2016 to the current build in 2018 - version 2202 and the Intel Chipset Driver V10.1.1.13 built on 2016/12/08

I've read on forums here and there that an updated BIOS will enable this motherboard to accept 7th gen Intel CPU.
I'd like to drop in an i7-7700K 4.2GHz.

Is this possible?
The last BIOS version on ASUS website is 2202. No info if it supports 7th gen CPU though.
(02-25-2022, 10:36 AM)admanny Wrote: No info if it supports 7th gen CPU though.
It supports Skylake only.

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