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[SOLVED] HP H-I41-uATX (Eton): QX6850 & Xeon Support
Ive found out when using DDR3 this board has max 533/8500,so it must run at 667/1333 only whilst using DDR2,so the only upgrade left is changing from E8500, 3.16/6M/1333 to E8600, 333/6M/1333 or Q9650, 3.00/12M/1333 or Q9700, 3.20/12M/1333 or the cheaper xeons,
Anyone got a cheap E8600 for sale?
Dont need the Qs as i only use this machine for basic browsing & emails!

Install your E8500 with new RAM and make and post TXT report of CPU-Z.
(07-10-2022, 04:25 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: H141-uATX
Install your E8500 with new RAM and make and post TXT report of CPU-Z.

Thanks deathbringer for replying, ive added the txt file from cpuz.

I will be buying a E8600 333/6M/1333 but due too the max memory only being 533/8500 i want to get a better motherboard.

Do you have any suggestions for the better board that uses this skt 775 E8600 cpu? that i can then use the 1333 memory to maximize the system?

I could get a 333/12M/1333 xeon on ebay for £2.99 but id have buy an adapter and mod the board,obviosly it would be much cheaper but,think ill just upgrade the motherboard.


Attached Files
.txt   WIN7-64-BIT.txt (Size: 59.86 KB / Downloads: 3)
Your motherboard is based on G41 chipset. It has support of DDR3-1066 (PC3-8500) maximum.
Now your DIMMs run on 1066 MHz.
Thanks DeathBringer for your reply. ive ordered a E8600 from ebay for £12,didnt want pay that much but there you go,ill stick this E8500 on there after see if i can get some of it back.

Ive decided not to waste any more time messing about cause in the end it would be a waste of money cause for what i use this machine for if ever id hardly ever notice the difference,browsing,emails & 153news videos,so no point buying another motherboard until this one dies,i only started messing about with it because i read it said the board could run at 667/1333.

Anyway hopefully anyone else who ends up with one of these boards can read this thread and learn more about it like i have.

Thank you!

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