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[REQUEST] Unlock Bios Lenovo Yoga Book YB1-X91L
Hello there.
could you please unlock the Bios settings for Lenovo Yoga book. 

Backup results:

Backup with FPTW64:

At the bootup the Keyboard and the touchscreen are disabled. i just want if you could unlock the bios so i ca enter the normal settings and the advanced setting to enable the Keyboard and the touchscreen at the boot. so i can install windows directly from usb with enabled keyboard and the touchscreen.
thanks a lot

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I know it's an old thread but I'm trying to understand how this bios image is even stored (for its extraction). I'd really like to have a little bit more freedom because it has a really minimal functionality, maybe a dark theme would be nice too because rn it's blinding.

I installed a custom OS on this thing a couple of times and even though I removed some of them, their Boot menu entries are still visible, I'd like to remove or rearrange them.

Anyway, what made you think that you'll be able to use keyboard in the bios?
It requires a driver that isn't even loaded in the bios. Adding that functionality would probably require porting the whole keyboard driver into the bios which is probably not even possible.
samozen84 Wrote:Hello there.
could you please unlock the Bios settings for Lenovo Yoga book. 

HI Samozen , i have the same tablet, usually to do a fresh setup from WIndows 10 key i use a MicroUSB to OTG adapter, a small USB HUB, a Windows 10/11 pendrive and a mouse connected at the same HUB.. and i was able to perform a fresh installation (using only mouse.. but you can also connect an USB keyboard to the HUB)

BTW i'm here because my Wireless  adapter can't be installed anymore (with an "ERROR CODE 10") and i'm thinking this happened from a BIOS corruption... my tablet is showing as PRODUCT MODEL:  INVALID

i'm asking (if you cna) to share your version of FPTW64 because i found 2 or 3 of these and no one is working to dump by eeprom)
very thank you in advance
I also own this device and would be interested in a modified uefi, albeit for different reasons, undervolting, ram settings etc.

In 2015 i modded the bios of the hp 1010eg using a tutorial that is no longer accessible (, but i doubt that this tutorial would of much use for current devices, except maybe understanding the basics.

I would be willing to give it a try, if someone can point me to a starting point and some resources like up-to-date tutorials.

Edit: The bios in question seems to be an Insyde H2O with Touchscreen Support.
Btw, i found a local copy of the before mentioned tutorial on my hdd.
I am interested in bios mod too for this device,

i want to enable "power on after power loss"

i want the device to always power on when DC is plugged in, is this present in the bios?

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