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HP Pro 3400 (Foxconn 2ABF): New GPU Support
After installing my MSI N750 Ti 2GB video card on my computer and switching to legacy mode on the cards BIOS switch I can't get past the blue HP boot up screen followed 30 seconds later with a black screen and a cursor at the top left of the screen. However , I managed to get the computer running with the card by having VGA adapter unplugged from the card before turning it on. After the computer beeps 6 times with an orange light on after start up I plug the VGA cable back into the card , and after 30 seconds followed by a beep the computer starts up fine with the Windows 7 start up. Although it seems to work fine after doing this process , I would like to have it start up normally without having to plug in a cable every time to make it work. I've tried literally everything to get this to work properly so the last option I have now is to mod my BIOS. I've never modded a BIOS before so any help in this process is greatly appreciated.[Image: smile.gif][Image: shy.gif]

HP Pro 3400 Desktop

8GB of RAM

I5-2300 @ 2.8GHZ


Cupertino2 Intel H61 LGA 1155 motherboard with 7.16 version BIOS
Running on Windows 7 64 Bit
300w PSU
Hi. So I have a HP pro 3400 desktop here and I need to try do some sort of BIOS modification to get my GTX680 to work on the motherboard. It works with my HD6950 and HD7770 but it will not boot up when using my GTX680 or GTX970. It hangs on a dark blue background on the GTX680 (the colour that's usually behind the HP logo) and on the GTX970 it just says no signal. Inserting another card then enabling on board graphics gets it to boot up with the GTX680 and windows will see it but it will still only display video through the integrated graphics. Switching the Nvidia in the bios to primary makes it just hang again on reboot. Removing the HDMI from the GPU before booting makes the computer just do 6 long beeps.

So I seen that I may have to enable legacy mode and disable secure boot, but these options are missing from my BIOS and must only be in a later version. The HP pro 3300 and 3500 have newer BIOS updates than my 3400 and the boards look identical in the pictures online but I couldn't get it to flash and it turns out they're 8mb but my bios for this board is 4mb. Odd thing is one of the BIOS updates says for 3300/3400 meaning it's universal and that's the one that flashes to this but it's older. Then all the rest of the bios are 8mb when I extract them.

I'd like to at least try unlock hidden options and see if a setting might fix the problem but I'm not sure how to go about it. Anybody have any Ideas what might work for me?

Here's a link to the bios itself that flashes to my board from the HP website (executable can be extracted with 7zip)

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

P.S. The only info I can actually find about the motherboard is that system info in windows says it's a Foxconn.

EDIT: It's a foxconn 2ABF motherboard version 1.30

EDIT2: I just found out it's a cupertino 2 motherboard and found a way to get it to work but having to spam esc for a minute every startup is annoying so surely there's a way to bypass it.
I have foxconn 2abf with 4mb bios and i updates it to 7.16V and get RX 470 in but i dont get any screen picture i know evrythinh wrok becasu  itryed graphic at my friend PC and its work same as other in PC all work witout graphich and whn i throw RX 470 in i dont get any srcreen or signal form graphich.

Sry about gramatichs i dont rly speak eng and i dont rly know to write it
Go to BIOS and make a photo of the page Advanced->PCI Subsystem Settings
(11-01-2020, 02:25 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: Go to BIOS and make a photo of the page Advanced->PCI Subsystem Settings

I type worng graphics i have r9 380x friend have 470 but i got same problem with both here is photo of bios bcs i dont have that option

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1. Take USB stick and format to FAT32
2. Create directory structure EFI\Boot
3. Download and unzip bootx64.7z
4. Put BOOTX64.EFI to Boot directory.
5. Boot from this USB stick
6. Run command:
setup_var 0x21 0x0
7. Make and post a photo of the screen.
Myb i need create free dos or ms dos usb

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No. USB stick must be formatted before it.
Show screenshots with contents of created USB stick.
P.S. You should choose EFI-boot in BIOS to boot.
(11-01-2020, 11:48 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: Show screenshots with contents of created USB stick.

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this myb help

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