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[Request] Tongfang GM5MG0Y Unlocked BIOS
So the support provided me with the wrong version of BIOS, possibly another model. Wow, no way!
If you're really sure NEW CURRENT GMxMGxxN106MON04.rom is 100% suitable your laptop and it's safe ,you could attempt to flash it into current machine at your risk.

Specific step is that rename NEW CURRENT GMxMGxxN106MON04.rom to mod.rom ,then copy mod.rom to where f14.rar uncompress ,then run flash.bat as administrator to flash it.

  • I don't trust the support at all. Is there any modifications I can make to my dump file so I know that I am safe. I have found the strings does occur for dGPU mode but they are not present in the selection menu. 

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Please don't think too much , "iGPU Only" or "dGPU Only" you can found on amibcp are only mean two strings or text , if bios engineer didn't quote it ,it will never display on bios.

The best important point is what value to write to target address ,for a sample on "Display Mode" in current dump, if you wanna set MsHybrid mode ,it actually did is that write value 0x4 to address 0x72C then bios read it then bios know to enable MsHybrid mode ,hex 5518 and 5718 only mean two string "iGPU Only" and "MsHybrid".They are you see on bios screen.
[Image: duddud.png]

I got some experience from NEW CURRENT GMxMGxxN106MON04.ROM.rom , i guess that it should is write 0x2 to address 0x72C to enable "dGPU Only" mode ,so i attempt to make a test mod , what i done is swapped string "iGPU Only" to "dGPU Only" and set it up to correct value 0x2.

Here is test mod ,you can open it via amibcp and check what differences with before.

I see the change in AMİBCP. I will try to flash it and will give you feedback ASAP.
(03-10-2021, 09:14 AM)canaltantr Wrote: I see the change in AMİBCP. I will try to flash it and will give you feedback ASAP.
I'm hope it will success ,but i still need you capture some bios screenshots to see its interface.

It did work, finally! I had to flash with fpt tho because of security check. The dGPU option is there! I selected it and everything is fine until the log in screen. At login screen I get a blackscreen. (the LED on the screen is still lit up) However, if the dgpu was not working it would not show something at all right? Changing the mshybrid and restarting few times did the trick to open my laptop. I can still send photos of my BIOS if you want.
Try this one again and let me know what difference in bios.

Okay, I have uploaded every photo I can to the Google Drive link. Between the Test1 and Test2 I dont see any difference. I did not include the other screenshots for test2 since they were exactly the same.


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