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T430 will not flash bios

My T430 will not update BIOS, currently running 1.16 (first version Bios). 

Originally, tried updating with Lenovo Vantage app. When the computer restarts, it boots as normal with no BIOS updating screen. 

I have tried the standalone app from Lenovo's website, and the result is the same. 

I have tried several app versions from 1.17 to the newest. 

I have tried the 'Lenovo System Update' app. 

I have tried using the bootable .iso from Lenovo via a USB Key with Ventoy

Once with the bootable USB method I saw 'Flashing Embedded Controller. Do Not Poweroff' screen upon startup. It flickered for one second and then the screen turned black with power light ring on for 5-10 minutes before booting normally. There was no change to the bios. Subsequent attempts of this method did not produce the same result, just booting as normal. 

I don't have a CD burner to actually burn the image to a disc, if that would make any difference, but I doubt it at this point. I am trying to get one. 

I am running Windows 10. I have turned off fast startup. I have tried all methods booting in Legacy Bios mode and UEFI. I have tried the bootable USB with hard drive removed. 

Attached is a screenshot of "winuptp.txt" which I assume is a log from the Lenovo firmware flash software. It says the flash was completed successfully. 

I am potentially starting to suspect a hardware error. Since this PC is still not he very first BIOS version, perhaps the flash function never worked at all. 

I am an electronic technician in my day job, but mostly work with analog and early digital electronics, not computers. If I could buy the BIOS chip and flash it externally, then solder it in, I may try that if it could potentially fix the issue. Is there anywhere I could see what chips are used for the BIOS prior to opening up my PC? 

Any thoughts or tips are appreciated. My original goal was to run 1vyRain to use a new Wi-Fi card, but am now just trying to get the Bios update to work first. 

I also noticed the EC version is 1.13, but the EC distributed with 1.16 BIOS should be 1.07.

When I bought this computer, it had a 3rd party battery in it, and a stick from a refurbisher. I wonder if they did something to lock the bios flash? Is this possible?

I tried updating to EC 1.14 (the latest version), but it also did not work. Stuck at 1.13.


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