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Welcome to the Wiki!

This Wiki has been established to document and collaborate all of the current BIOS upgrade and modification methods that are used by the community members. In order to actively participate in this Wiki, please login or register with us via the forums (use links at the top right). Your forum account will also grant you access to contribute to the Wiki. Once logged in, your username will appear in the top-right (if it does not, refresh page after login).

We will be adding new articles with your support to fully document our current and new BIOS Modification procedures, as well as ways to update both modified and stock BIOS images.

Please help us get started on creating the content and being involved. Questions and comments are welcome via our contact form. If you are unfamiliar with using MediaWiki software, please read the following link on how to create new content on the Wiki

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Regards, Administrator a.k.a. TheWiz