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5.25" Floppy Support
OK I know this is unusual, BUT...

I'm a vintage software/computing enthusiast, and therefore would like to be able to use 5.25" floppy drives on newer systems running Windows 10 for imaging and/or data migration purposes, and be able to use that same system on the Internet (in order to upload disk images and/or extracted data) using a supported OS instead of risking security exploits running older, unsupported OSes due to hardware that is either incompatible and/or of insufficient performance.

Newer boards don't even have floppy controllers AT ALL.  NO BIOS mod will overcome the fact there is no physical interface to attach such a drive to.  I know this (I'm not an idiot.)  However, there ARE slightly older boards which do have floppy controllers that are still powerful enough to run Windows 10, however the option to select a B: and/or 5.25" floppy in the BIOS is eliminated, presumably so as not to confuse novice users, as the controllers themselves are the same AT-style controllers from the late 80s and have no physical limitation in accepting two drives as well as both types.  Gigabyte boards are notorious for this, but certainly other brands as well.

I was wondering if it would be possible (at least in some circumstances) to add the option to select a B: floppy back into BIOSes in which the manufacturer eliminates said option.  If so, I'd like to start posting a few requests here, as this would significantly increase the available options for compatible and versatile motherboards rather than accepting an unnecessary manufacturer imposed limitation.

Case example: Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H

More requests to follow if this is doable and/or of interest.

Thanks in advance!

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