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AMD Ryzen Motherboard Crossflashing Thread (ASUS, ASRock etc)
Hi All,

Just wanted to share some experiences on crossflashing Ryzen Motherboards, such as ASUS & ASRock.

ASUS Prime B450M-K - Successfully crossflashed to ASUS TUF-B450M Pro Gaming

How? I downloaded the TUF Gaming BIOS, extracted the UEFI Image from the Aptio Capsule (.CAP) file, this can be done from UEFI Tool, then used afuwin64 to first flash a stock compatible BIOS (.CAP) file, this will flash a stock UEFI, but then will allow us to flash a modified (Or stock but crossflashed) bios.rom we extracted earlier by using afuwin64 bios.rom /GAN straight after, and voila, board has now been crossflashed.

NOTE: Please do not attempt crossflashing your motherboard UNLESS you are competent in recovering your BIOS in case anything goes wrong, anything done is at your own risk.

Now, over to my X570 ASRock Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard.

There is a vulnerability / exploit in the P3.* BIOSes, for the Phantom series, as well as the Pro and Taichi line too.

P2.* is unaffected.

Instant Flash on P3.* bioses will ONLY check the file name of the BIOS file, and does not check the actual file for the correct model - I managed to successfully crossflash my X570 Phantom Gaming 4 with the Taichi, Phantom Gaming X, and Pro4 versions without any issue

For example, my ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4's latest BIOS is P3.00 (As of July 2020), and the file name is X570PG43.00. (X570 | Phantom Gaming 4 | 3.00)

The ASRock X570 Pro4 uses X570P43.00 (Literally only the G removed from the name) I renamed it to X570PG43.00, and what do you know, it flashed without issue.

The ASRock Phantom Gaming 4 uses the exact same PCB as the Pro4, the only difference apart from cosmetics is the extra USB C connection on the back, theoretically both BIOSes will have the same features, I however prefer the theme layout of the Pro4 BIOS instead

The X570 Steel Legend also shares its PCB with the X570 Extreme4 - so I'd assume those BIOSes can be interchanged as well.

P2.* versions of Instant Flash do not have this exploit, and would report “Invalid file”

If anyone who has BIOS experience and is able to recover BIOSes able to crossflash their Ryzen boards to see which are compatible?

Current confirmed BIOS crossflashing capability

ASRock: X570 Phantom Gaming 4 -> X570 Pro4
               X570 Steel Legend -> X570 Extreme4

ASUS: Prime B450M-K -> TUF B450M-Pro Gaming

If my mod has helped you, please consider donating via PayPal Smile

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